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Normally when the Summer months roll around I’m loyal to a specific product line-up. For me it’s all about tried-and-true things I can quickly apply and move on with my day – ideally to a nearby beach or happy hour situation. However when these new Urban Decay products landed on my doorstop I was colored intrigued. The trio – a mascara, waterproof version, and liquid liner – all promise long-lasting high color payoff. Although the mascara has been around for a while I hadn’t gotten my hands on it so I was excited to try all three products for the first time.


I’ve been loyal to my Loreal Lash Sensational mascara for years now and I’ve never thought anything could top it. However, this mascara gives it a run for its money. I’ve been wearing the Perversion mascara nonstop since receiving it and have been thoroughly impressed. The formula is extremely easy to apply and is buildable – I tend to use one coat for a light daytime look and two coats for a higher impact. After applying I’m left with long false-like lashes that still feel soft to the touch.

I was a bit nervous about the applicator wand as it is clunkier than what I usually prefer. Normally the large bristle wands tend to apply too much product, or not enough, but I felt that this one somehow got it right. The only downside is that you have to be cognizant of its size so you don’t end up with product all over your eyelids (i.e. what happened to me the first two times I used it).

I also found that the mascara doesn’t fully come off with my standard face wash. However this has become the norm so it isn’t a deal breaker for me. Once I swipe some eye makeup remover over it the product easily is removed, without worrying about fibers getting into your eyes like some other heavy mascaras.


With Summer being back in full force it always reminds me how tricky it is to land a good waterproof mascara. Either they don’t stay long enough, or stay too long, and majority of the formulas burn my eyes. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to use this at the beach or pool I did wear it to several OrangeTheory classes and boat days with high success. On top of all of the benefits of the normal version, the waterproof mascara is a great option for someone who needs a little extra hold. The formula is a bit drier than the non-waterproof option but still applied extremely nicely. I also found it to last throughout the day with no transfer.  After applying eye makeup remover the product came off fairly easily without a ton of rubbing.

Packaging-wise this is a home run in my book. The tube is silver and textured with rain drop designs, which is extremely satisfying to hold. I like that it looks similar to the non-waterproof version but is easily distinguished as its own.


I’ve been out of the liquid liner cycle for a while now but this product may have pushed me back into it *says this while wearing a cat eye*. The formula glides onto my lids, even on top of drier shadows, and leaves a deep black line. The tip of the liner is very sharp – hence the fine point in the product name – which made it extremely easy to get a precise line. I also enjoy that the tip is in a pointed shape as I can easily “stamp” a wing onto the outer edge of my liner. As someone who isn’t the best at liquid liner this product makes it almost impossible to mess up. The packaging itself is very weighty which seemingly makes it easier to apply the product if you have shakey hands like me. I found the weight to actually steady myself for a crisp line that isn’t too resemblent of the Appalachians.

The fact that this is waterproof seals the deal for me. I love the idea that I can rock a liquid liner look and not have to worry about it coming off mid-day. Even if I’m 12 hours into a day at the office the color remains as pigmented as I applied it.


I won’t get into the branding of this line,  although at this point we expect Urban Decay to push the limits. For reference the products are labeled as the following: “So intense you might need a safe word, Perversion glides on and gets you sexy in one stroke. (Yet it won’t quit until you say when.)”

All products are cruelty free and under $30 which is a major win.

Overall I’m a huge fan of this line and would purchase all three products again, especially for the Summer months. The waterproof products will definitely be finding their way into my makeup bag for all future beach trips.


All three products are sold via Ulta and Sephora.

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