Skinesque Three Step Face Masks | Review

Applying a good face mask is one of my favorite weekly routines. I love the idea of taking 20-30 minutes out of my day to relax and treat my skin. When Skinesque asked me to try out some of their face masks I immediately said yes. After doing some quick research I realized that this Korean-inspired brand follows my commitment of taking care of oneself despite a hectic schedule. Skinesque believes in using gentle formulas, innovative skincare technology, and being ready for real life. Each product is made to create a luxurious and spa-like moment in the midst of being on-the-go.

Another value I share with the brand is the idea of using good ingredients in skincare. Their lines are all dermatologist tested, cruelty free, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic dyes. Bottom line: your skin will thank you.


Each mask packet comes with three steps: a gentle foaming cleanser, hydrating essence, and the nourishing sheet mask.

Step 1: Gentle Foaming Cleanser | deeply cleanses and removes impurities for clear and smooth skin.
Step 2: Hydra+ Essence | provides intense hydration, retains moisture to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and promotes collagen formation.
Step 3: Face Mask | light texture allows for skin to breathe while seamlessly adhering to the face for effective absorption of its key ingredients

This is the first brand I’ve personally seen go beyond the physical face mask. They have thought through the entire application process and made it super easy to use – especially if you are on the go. I love the idea that you can throw one of these small packets into your overnight bag or on a flight and you have everything you need.  

Skinesque currently makes two different sheet masks for your skin needs. The  Aqua+ Super-Fine Mask focuses on ingredients like aloe vera, Centella Asiatica, and Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate the skin. The  Brightening+ charcoal mask has Niacinamide, birch tree sap, Ceramide, and Adenosine to repair skin and brighten your complexion. Although I thoroughly enjoyed both masks I found the Brightening+ one to treat my skin needs better. It left my skin feeling smooth and looking fresh. I could see my dark spots minimize after use, likely from the Vitamin C, and my overall texture definitely improved.

I was super impressed with the essence step since I felt like it allowed for an extra boost of moisture before applying the face mask. It reminds me of how I enjoy applying a serum or face spray before applying my moisturizer each day. However, the most impressive thing of the entire package was the face mask itself. I find most sheet masks to be a bit flimsy but this felt like a super high-quality/luxe piece of fabric. It was so comfortable on my skin. I also felt like the mask carried enough product with it that it never felt dry. With that though, sometimes it felt like there was almost TOO much product on the mask. I used both masks at night and let the product soak in while I slept. I feel like if I used them in the morning then I’d need to wash my face before applying makeup.

KEY TIP: Once you remove the mask after 15-20 minutes, pat the extra product into your skin and neck. This is the ‘good stuff’ so you want to savor the most of it that you can!

This was my first dip into the K-Beauty world and I have to say that I understand the hype. The entire mask process from start-to-finish felt well thought out and innovative. It’s no surprise that Refinery29 featured the brand as one of the coolest products being launched this year. I’m actually surprised more US brands don’t promote a multi-step complete process for face masks.

I’ll likely snag a few more of the Brightening+ masks for all of my travel (and stay-at-home) needs. I think these could be a great gift for friends or even for Mothers Day coming up. You can buy them directly from Skinesque’s website individually, but I would recommend purchasing the five pack at $35. I’m a firm believer of having a few masks handy to treat any bad skin days or for a spontaneous spa night. Just add champagne!


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