Kylie Cosmetics “Burgundy Palette” Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

As I sit and write this post after a late night of poll watching I’m only convinced of one things: not much is for certain in this country. However, one thing that – albeit very superficially – remains true is that the Kardashians know how to harp products. From hair pills, to teeth whitening trays, to (and yes, this was a thing) morning sickness prescription drugs, they are media machines. Which brings the question, how much can we really trust what they’re putting out there?

Well one thing reigns supreme in that argument, mainly everything K-related has broken the internet. This is especially true when it comes to 19-year-old Kylie Jenner’s beauty line. First-off: yes, she’s 19. But girl can throw face!

I trialed her widely acclaimed lip kits a few months ago and was a little ‘meh’ about them. I feel like  a big part of my ‘meh-ness’ related to the fact that I’m not personally a fan of matte lips. So when she started releasing eyeshadow palettes I knew I was already being swayed. Fast-forward to October when palette #2 was released…a BURGUNDY palette none-the-less. Anyone who knows my makeup collection knows that I am mildly obsessed with warm shadows so I had to give this one a go.

The Burgundy palette comes with nine gorgeous colors (my favorites are starred):

Naked | Satin finish, golden sand

Beach* | Matte finish, light warm brown

Penny | Matte finish, red orange

LA | Metallic finish, true copper

Burgundy | Matte finish, bright red burgundy

Dubai* | Metallic finish, burgundy

Brick* | Matte finish, dirty brick

NY | Metallic finish, warm bronze

Almond | Matte finish, deep red brown

Right away I was so amazed by the pigmentation of the shimmer shadows. They are so creamy and glide across the lid – which normally is a difficult effect to create. The matte shadows are solid as well. I find them to be a bit chalky, but that seems to be the norm with majority of mattes out there. As I usually only use them as a base color or in the crease it doesn’t deter me from the palette.

I was somewhat surprised at how small the palette was size-wise. From Kylie’s social posts it seemed that the packaging was much larger, when in reality it is basically the size of my hand. For $42 this is a bit of a deterrent. At the same point, it is super travel friendly and doesn’t take up much room in my makeup drawer. I do wish that the palette itself was a nice plastic instead of cardboard. I can see the pure white inlays getting destroyed as I start to use the colors.

In true Kardashian/Jenner form, Kylie is branded all over the exterior and interior of the palette and all materials that comes with it. I do enjoy the black and white photo of her eyes – very Huda Beauty inspired.

Overall I am glad that I snagged the palette since every color is something I would wear. If you’re someone like me who rocks oranges and reds year-round then it’s a no brainer. I also find that it’s a good investment for someone who may want to dip their toe into the pool sunset hues. It’s super easy to mix-and-match shades and get a gorgeous look. I’m all about that.


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