BareMinerals ‘Butter Drench’ Restorative Rich Cream Review

I originally toyed with the idea of calling this post “The $38 Face Cream that Replaced My $100 One” but ya know, SEO reasons. The truth is though that this cream is so good that it did replace my super expensive Charlotte Tilbury one. I snagged the CT Magic Cream back in March (you can read my thoughts on it here) and it ran out by the time mid-October rolled around. Since it was hard enough dropping the cash for my first tub I knew it would be even harder the second time around. Although the Magic Cream was a solid product, it didn’t give me the results I was expecting from the luxury price point.

After reviewing some other creams on the market the one that stood out to me was the Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream from none other than skin gurus BareMinerals. For me, this brand reminds me of infomercials and their powder foundations from back in the day. However the brand has since sprung up in the skincare realm and has had a warm welcome from bloggers and consumers alike. For a company that boasts being natural and effective, skincare only makes sense.

I expected great things when I went to Ulta to swatch the product and wasn’t disappointed. The formula is ultra creamy but gel-like and glides across the skin. The tub’s branding is clean, simple, and holds a good amount of product. And the price? $38. Lets do a little happy dance for the $62 sitting in my pocket.

After using the product nightly for a few weeks now I can confirm that it is a winner. The ingredients hydrate my dry skin (which is super important with the cold weather coming our way) and don’t feel greasy. I personally only apply it at night – post-serum and eye cream – since it is a heavier formula. When I wake up my skin still feels like it is hydrated, despite the heaters going off to fight the night chills.

The biggest plus I’ve found is that my skin just feels better and plumper. My redness has diminished and my fine lines look less apparent. We call that a win/win/win/win.

You can snag the Butter Drench cream online at Sephora or in-stores at Ulta. They also sell it on the BareMinerals site for a more direct purchase. There are eight other products in the line; ranging from cleansers, an oil, a serum, and three other moisturizers.  


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