October Beauty Favorites

First things first: this post is labeled as October but technically it’s a combo with September too. I’ve found myself regularly routing these five products literally since I’ve bought them. I’ve definitely cut back on splurge purchasing lately, which has made me really focus in on “what I really love” vs. “what I really like”. For example: “what I really like” is kind of like that sequined mini skirt you have in the back of your closet. It was sparkly and you had to have it, but will you wear it in five years? Probably not. “What I really love” on the other hand is that classic tailored blazer you rotate regularly. You know that when you put it on it works and you feel great.

For the first time in months – if not ever – my favorites also doesn’t include a lip product. I know, I know…GASP. But to be honest, it’s been really difficult to find something I really love on that front. Instead I’ve been focusing a ton on skincare (coming soon!) and along with that comes face products.

People should also just come to expect that come September you will rarely find me without a copper/burgundy eye. It is personally my favorite look on blue eyes and flows perfectly with the changing leaves outside.


MAC Eyeshadows, Coppering and Brown Script

Tom Ford’s Cream and Powder Eye Color, Golden Peach

TooFaced Sketch Marker Liquid Eyeliner, Black

Fall to me means Harry Potter marathons, mulled wine, and warm-toned eye looks. As mentioned above I could basically rock a sunset-hued shadow daily and it wouldn’t phase me. These red hued shadows were my first ever purchase from MAC and is undoubtedly my favorite purchase from MAC. I sometimes wear them all over the lid and on the lower lash line when I want a quick but dramatic look. Lately however I’ve been starting things off with a swipe of Tom Ford’s peachy cream shadow to really make things pop. The TF cream shadows are a literal dream formula-wise. They are  a bit pricey but I would pay it again and again – since the product is so dang good! Bonus is that a little dab goes a long way, so you get your dollar’s worth. The combo of these three products makes a girl swoon.

I love to finish this look with a flick of black liner to polish things up. Sadly I ran out of my Kat Von D tattoo liner and ended up at Ulta looking for a quick replacement. After swatching a few products I settled on the Too Faced version since it felt like a close dupe of KVD’s. I have to  say that this product isn’t the most pigmented, but I do find that it is great for a precise flick. I tend to line the upper lid with a liquid liner and then use the marker to draw out the ends.


Becca Backlight Priming Filter

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation, 203 Nude Beige (review here)

I could write an entire post about this foundation combo, and frankly I still might. It’s that good. I have been using the Becca primer and L’Oreal foundation every day for the past month and it hasn’t failed me yet. The primer is so creamy, hydrating, and gives the skin a luminous glow. One pump covers my entire face in a sheen of golden light. I then apply a thin layer of the Pro Glow foundation on top for a “lit from within” look. The two products give so much glow that it’s a bit excessive (in a good way). However, once I powder down my t-zone and apply some blush everything is perfectly hydrated-looking.

The Becca primer comes in one shade, which I could see being too light for darker skin tones. Definitely swatch the product first if you’re looking to buy! I also harped on the L’Oreal shade selection in my full review (linked above) and find that my current shade is even a bit too dark for me now as my tan fades. Once I run out I’ll definitely be re-purchasing both of these products – albeit in a lighter foundation shade – to keep me through the cold winter months.


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