Life Update: I Moved! (Again)

Autumn is all about fresh starts. This year it feels even more relevant as there have been several major life events going on at once. Who says resting is needed? On the more obvious side of things, I’ve moved into a house! I’ve officially been living in the space for only a week now but have been steadily working on it/painting/cleaning for about a month. For those who have been out of the loop I  moved out of DC back in August and was living at home for a bit. A great opportunity opened up to move into a new space and I immediately jumped on it.  It’s been lots of labor and late nights but I have swiftly fallen in love with the space.

On a less obvious side of things I’ve also recently accepted a new job! Since moving back I’ve been continuing to work full-time – just remotely – for my company based out of DC. However, an great opportunity came up to move companies so I took it! I start back in the Pharma industry in less than a week from now so things have been busy preparing the new position and closing things up on the old one.

Along with the new space and job there has been lots of travel and enjoying the Fall season. Over the past few weeks I’ve practically lived out of a suitcase with trips down to Annapolis, Harrisburg, and State College. This weekend I’m off again – this time to NYC.

With all of the changes going on things have been busy. Like, downtown Manhattan at 5 p.m. busy. However I’m so excited to finally settle in a bit and get ready to enjoy the benefits. The hardest part of changes is definitely getting back into a productive groove of things. I’m aiming to use the rest of October and into November and December to do the most blogging, cooking, and unplugging as much as I can. I promise it won’t be as quiet as it has been lately!

For now, it’s time to dig into the 70+ videos in my YouTube queue tonight while opening a fresh bottle of red wine. Productivity can start tomorrow…


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