Tuesday’s Top Picks: Transition Pieces

The time of year between Summer and Autumn is honestly my favorite season fashion-wise. Not only does it bring Fashion Week – which, lets be real, gets everyone in the creative mindset – but it also tends to give the best temperatures. My dream weather is low 70s, no humidity, and a bit of a breeze where you can wear just about anything. The options are endless and layering is right on trend. This is also when I tend to pull out some of my favorite transitional pieces. 

The long-sleeved dress

The long-sleeved dress is one of my absolute favorite pieces. I love how it can be paired with a strappy sandal for early September, low-rise boots for early October, and tights/knee high boots for early November and all. I tend to go for something A-line to suit my figure but shifty boho dresses are a second favorite runner-up.

The denim jacket

The denim jacket is a wardrobe essential. It can be worn basically year round but works especially well for this time of year. I love how it looks with a plain white t-shirt and black ripped denim, layered over a dress, or put over a thin turtleneck and felt skirt. I’ve owned the same denim jacket for years now and it’s never gone out of style (take that, Taylor!)

The classic nude flat

The classic nude flat is just that, classic. Flats are something that are worth investing in so you don’t get the horrible feeling of blisters at the end of the day. Styles have gotten so varied over the past few seasons between the wavy edged Chloes and the rockstud on Valentinos. You can go for the creative versions or stick to a classic silhouette – which will go with basically anything. 

The lightweight scarf

The lightweight scarf is one of those pieces that can jazz up any outfit. I always count down the days until I can pull out my collection again. I love the way how the scarf can fancy up a plain tshirt, or pair nicely as a silk version with an LBD. During this time of year I tend to look for one that’s a gauzy material since I can wear it hanging down during the day and tie it around my neck during cooler nights.

The white blouse

The white blouse is something that I go to every single year. I love how it cleans up any look; between a simple version of it tucked into a mini skirt, or worn with a great pair of tapered trousers. Bonus if you find a version that has a Peter Pan collar, or leans more Captain Hook-esque with a tie top and ruffles.

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