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When haircare guru Jen Atkin announced her hair line I knew I needed my hands on it. Not only does she work with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba on the reg, she also always has that ‘cool girl’ vibe going on. Per Atkin, “The Ouai girl is busy, she’s on the go, and she wants to know how to style her hair for an event and where to go to get easy tips.” Her line is the perfect mix of French Girl style while remaining fairly attainable.

The packaging of the products alone is just so aesthetically pleasing. They look good in your makeup bag and even better sitting on your counter. Who can’t get on with that? Her line contains 25 products (so far) with the most popular being the texturizing hair spray, wave spray, treatment masque, and hair oil.

I personally knew I had to snag the hair oil as my drugstore version had been slacking in providing my hair with that extra je ne sais quoi. I love how the bottle comes with a pump; which makes it super easy to dollop 1 1/2 pumps into my hand (Aitkin recommends using 1 to 4 depending on your hair type). I then rub my palms together and run the product through my damp un-brushed hair to apply. Bonus is that you can also use a bit of the product on dry hair to de-frizz and give shine.

I find that some oil products can make you feel like a mega greaseball, but the Ouai version leaves my hair detangled and lightweight. It helps to treat my dry ends and gives a boost of shine. The oil also works as a heat protectant; keeping my locks safe from blow drying and my curling wand.

This product – along with the rest of Atkin’s line – has a very distinct smell, due to notes of jasmine, white musk, and Italian lemon. I personally love it but it may be worth it to hit up your local Sephora to see if it sits well with you before purchasing.

Have you tried any of The Ouai products? If so, what’s your favorite? I definitely want to look into the treatment masques and her newly released matte pomade.

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