July Favorites | Things I’ve Been Loving

Normally my favorites consist of all things glossy and sparkly – talkin’ bout my face here. However, with all that’s been going on during July my focus has been more on ways to unwind rather than beauty bits. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been picking up some small Ulta/Sephora things but haven’t really done a big haul or invested in anything new. Instead I’ve been more excited about desk supplies and good pool readin’ material. Adult lyfe.

One thing I’ve been harping on for ages – and somehow always keeps forgetting about – is this awesome new beauty Podcast called Fat Mascara. Hosted by Jessica Matlin (beauty editor at Cosmopolitan) and Jennifer Goldstein (editor at Marie Claire) this weekly discussion covers anything and everything beauty related; from trends, launches, and celebrity interviews. It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves beauty and I tend to put it on every day when I get ready. Bonus is that it’s free!

Another random bit includes my recent acquision of a desk – something I’ve wanted for years. Call me random but I knew that when this day came it also needed to have a little pink fluffy pillow on it. Because, duh. Anyway, I ordered the pink monster above from Amazon and was so pleasantly surprised! It reminds me of one from West Elm for half the price (it’s around $19) and I loooooove it. 

Reading-wise I’m all about the latest Harry Potter book (SIDENOTE: did ya’ll know they’re getting rid of HP marathons on Freeform? Crying.) “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” came out last week and it took me approximately three hours to read from cover to cover. I’ve heard mixed reviews on it but I truly loved it. It’s written as a screenplay but carries through storylines from books 1-7. All of the beloved characters from the earlier books also make an appearance; albeit years later.

And the last item? I AM VERY BUSY, but this ban.do agenda is too cute to pass up. #girlgang forever.


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