Pop, Fizz, Clink | Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette Review

Know the saying, “When you say jump, I say how high”? It’s more like, “When Jaclyn Hill releases a product, I say WHEN THE EFF CAN I GET MY HANDS ON IT?!”. Lets face it: homegirl knows her makeup — especially when it comes to highlighter. When she dropped on Snapchat that the “Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette” was available via the Sephora app (weeks before it came online) I instantly pulled out my credit card and convinced myself that eating ramen for the next two weeks was worth the $52 price tag. So, was it?

The palette itself contains three blushes and two highlighters:

Champagne Pop | soft white gold highlighter with pinky peach undertones (the classic)

Prosecco Pop | medium warm gold highlighter

Rose Spritz | soft peachy pink blush with pale gold shimmer

Amaretto | matte toasted almond blush

Pamplemousse | matte warm coral pink blush

Application-wise, I tend to use “Pamplemousse” on the apples of my cheeks and a combination of “Champagne Pop” and “Prosecco Pop” on my cheekbones. All of the products are uber pigmented, but like most Becca palettes I find the highlighters to be a bit drier than the compact versions. “Rose Spritz” is such a beautiful color but I tend to only wear it on days when I want a lighter coverage – or I’ll layer it over my favorite blush for an extra boost. I’m also not a huge fan of nude blushes so I mainly use “Amaretto” as a light bronzer/contour color. 

Packaging-wise, this palette is super sleek looking and very high quality. I find that it is a bit heavy but is great for travelling if you want an “all in one” palette. I love the huge mirror that is included – and know this was a major highlight (no pun intended?) for Jaclyn as well.

If you’re into a superbeam highlight then this palette is for you! I think it has a great combination of shades, plus they’re limited edition so once they’re gone they’re gone. However, if your main focus is using the highlighters then I’d recommend snagging the individual Champagne Pop product as it is a much better formula. I’ve also heard great things about Becca’s “Moonstone” highlighter if you’re looking for a more pale gold coloring. 

So, was it worth the $52? Honestly I’m not too sure. I do love how all of the shades are warm and pink-oriented. However, although I think the shades are beautiful I don’t use them enough to really validate the cost. Maybe that’ll change once I have a tan…

The Champagne Collection Face Palette hits Sephora stores on June 16th – along with a new shade of the Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Champagne Pop” and a poured formula of “Champagne Pop”


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