6 Red Lipsticks + How to Wear Them

Nothing feels more patriotic then a hot dog fresh from the grill and a red lip. Nothing kills the mood (or your look) more than said hot dog fresh from the grill smearing your red lip all over your face. Yup, we’ve all been there and done that. Thankfully I’ve pulled some of my favorite red lipsticks, tips, and tricks for making the most of your Fourth of July holiday.

What to Wear

NARS | Heat Wave | Semi-Matte | Orange Red

Urban Decay | 714 | Mega Matte | Bright Red (worn here)

Stila | Venezia | Liquid Lipstick | Bright Red

Sephora | 01 Always Red | Matte Bold | Classic Red (worn here)

NARS | Cruella | Velvet Matte | Scarlet Red

NARS | Vesuvio | Pure Matte | Full Bodied Red

How to Wear It

Keep the rest of your makeup simple | My favorite way to wear a bright lipstick is with a nude eye and a bit of winged liner

Go for matte! | There’s a reason why all of my picks are matte or liquid formulas. They stay on your lips so much longer and are much friendlier with greasy foods

Pick a shade that works with your complexion | Not all reds are the same. Pure reds with blue undertones tend to work best for me, but I love the look of an orangey hue for those with darker complexions. Test and test until you find a color that works best for you!

Be precise | You don’t necessarily need to use a liner but make sure you take your time applying. Slathering on the color in the cab on your way to fireworks probably won’t be your best bet…

Prevent “bleeding” | Use a concealer stick around the edges of your mouth to keep things clean

Do the check test | Find a mirror, your front facing camera, or a friend to keep things in check. The last thing you want is to find out hours later that your lipstick is now up on your eyebrows

Personally I’ll probably be pulling out my 714 or Always Red to celebrate the holiday. What will you be rocking? Are you the type to go for the red lip, classic? or do you tend to go a bit off script for the Fourth?


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