Spring Beauty Switch Out

With the weather slowly (and I mean, very slowly) getting warmer and sunnier, everyone gets in the mood to do some cleaning and changing of the wardrobe. Why not switch up your beauty products as well? Not only are there so many great new lines dropping this time of year but it’s also the perfect chance to experiment with that blue eyeliner you’ve been dying to use, or the new highlighter you want to smother your face with. 

Here are some of the tricks I like to use to ‘shed’ the winter blues when it comes to my makeup:

1. Bring out the dewy/lightweight base: Your skin is ready to show itself, so lets illuminate it! The mid-temperatures that come with Spring are the perfect time to bring out your creamy bases. I love to switch out my foundation to a BB cream or a serum for a lighter look. I also tend to gravitate towards my creamier concealers and put my heavier setting powders to the wayside. 

2. Add a pop of color to your face: Although winter seems to give flushed cheeks naturally, this time of year welcomes the faux effect with open arms! Add a swipe of pinky blush to your cheeks to give a beautiful glow. I love to use a formula that has a bit of shimmer to it for an extra boost. I also break out my bronzing powder to warm up my face a bit (since hiding away in winter leaves my skin thirsting to be a shade other than translucent).

3. Gloss it up!: I’m a lover of lipgloss year round but constantly have a tube in my bag come April. My favorite combination is to layer an uber glossy formula over chapstick for a natural, yet refined, look. You can also pick a brighter shade for that instant ‘just ate a popsicle’ look. Since that’s an obvious go-to in the beauty world…

4. Switch to waterproof formulas: Between midday downpours and sweaty metro rides, waterproof formulas are my best friends. Snag a waterproof tube of your favorite mascara to make sure it doesn’t end up down your face by the end of the day! Just make sure you have a good remover to get it off without having to rub your eyes for 20 minutes.

Below are some of my favorite products for my Spring Transition. How do you like to welcome the season? Is there a particular product you always pull out this time of year? Let me know in the comments below!


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