Kylie Lip Kit: Koko K + Posie K Review and Swatches

Oh those Kardashians. Somehow they find a way into my life in one way or another: whether it be binge-watching their show on Sunday mornings, trying to channel Kendall’s off-duty fashion, or in this case attempting to love matte lipsticks. In case you’ve been living under a rock, lip temptress (has a ring, eh?) Kylie came out with her own liquid lipstick line last last year.

I debated making the plunge into purchasing the coveted product for several reasons. One: I’m not a huge matte lipstick fan. Two: Have you heard the horror stories when she releases stock?! Three: I meannn does the Kardashian Klan really need more of my money? Well folks, they got it. I picked up Koko K first and Dolce K recently to follow. 

Lets start with some general thoughts before we dive into the shades. Packaging-wise these are everything. The shipping box is labeled with Kylie’s name and black/white drip branding; the lip color packaging is so modern yet chic with a picture of oversized lips and the particular lip color dripping off of them; and the liner/lipstick feels high quality. These do have a very strong vanilla/cupcake smell – which personally is not my favorite. However, I do find that the smell does wear off once the product dries. Speaking of drying: it’s kind of amazing how differently the hue changes once dry. It tends to deepen and solidify, so make sure you give it time!

The liners are SUPER creamy! I’ve personally never been a fan of lip liners, but these changed my perspective. I tend to line my lips and fill them in completely to give a sharp look. I then use the doe foot applicator to apply the lipstick on top. A good tip would be to exfoliate your lips and to apply a light balm before application. This can help counteract some of the drying sensation as this turns to matte.

As you can guess Koko K is inspired by Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian. Interestingly enough, I feel like this color looks different on everyone’s skin tones. For me, it is a pale pink/nude “your lips but better” color. However I have seen it appear more pinky on deeper skin tones (here’s a good swatch representation if you’re interested). I find that this shade is super easy to wear – as it doesn’t need to be as precise as the darker hues. 

For me to like this shade is such a shocker! Not only is it a nude color, but it’s also a matte. My go-to is usually a satin watermelon shade so it is a fun change. I love to pair it with a soft natural eye and pink blush for a gorgeous Spring look.

Posie K is a dusty mauve pink and was the color I anticipated to like the most. This is a great shade to wear with a bare eye (and lots of lashes) for daytime, or spice up with a shimmered bronze eye for night. 

I was surprised to find that this shade is a bit more brown-toned than I had imagined – as most of her collection is. I do find the liner to be a bit more pinky so I tend to wear it by itself with a bit of rosebud salve on top if I want a less impactful color. From what I can see, this shade turns into a gorgeous berry color on deeper skin tones!

Overall, I find the longevity to be very long-lasting. The only thing is that anything that contains oil completely disrupts the formula: i.e. mac and cheese, pizza, french fries (aka everything good). Therefore I wouldn’t wear this out to dinner or you’ll find yourself nervously checking your face in the mirror to make sure it hasn’t smudged everywhere.

Although the $29 price tag can seem a bit steep at first you do receive both a liner and a lipstick for this price – which sometimes can be almost $20 alone. 

Next up on my list? If I had to choose it’d be Mary Jo K, but I do have a fair share of matte reds in my collection. If Kylie comes out with a hot pink shade then you know i’ll be first in line!

P.S. here are some tips for snagging these when they re-stock! Follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram and check their feed. A lot of the times they will hint at restocking times – and users who are site members will spill the exact time. I then tend to be on the site at least 15 minutes before refreshing as I’ve seen the sale go live early. Make sure you know what you’re buying! They go quick, so you must be as well.

Have you tried any of Kylie’s lip kits yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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