A New Way to Shop: Welcome to Witlee

I always love finding new features to add to Neon Blonde to make it more user friendly. Let’s be real, we’re all busy people and don’t have time to search for what we want – especially when it comes to shopping. You may have seen the new ‘Shop’ tag at the top banner of my page, and today i’m excited to officially introduce you to Witlee! Witlee is an online resource for everything posted on my Instagram. You can click through my storefront to see all of my looks and product details directly. My favorite part of the site is that it automatically categorizes my looks: i.e. if you are looking for a bomber jacket you can click on “Jackets” at the top and see all jacket types listed out. Same goes for sunglasses, jeans, bags, sweaters, skirts, and shirts. Also, once you click on a photo it’ll show you a direct link to the exact product (or something very similar). You also can browse what other customers were interested in below. This is great because it gives a ton of different options at different price points.

You can also click on the navigation panel at the top to see the top categories, brands, people (hey look, it’s me!), and #hashtags. How easy is that? Lets just say I’ve been taking everything from Julia Engel’s page and putting it on my shopping wish list. That girl’s got the best style.

I’ll be continually tagging my photos on Witlee now so make sure you take a look around! Happy shopping!


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