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You all know about my love for LUSH products (lastly proclaimed here). Not only are their products super natural, they also are pretty inventive, fairly inexpensive, and overall just fun. I’ve recently discovered a few new favorite products and wanted to share them – in case you’re looking for something to treat yo’ self with!

Refresher Shower Jelly This is the first time I’ve tried a shower jelly and it is so interesting! Faith had been lovely enough to gift it to me, and I was excited to give the lemon-scented conception a twist. First off: it’s very lemony. However, that’s an appeal to me and I find it to be very invigorating in the morning. I don’t find it to be ‘sudsy’ enough for a loofah so I just scoop a bit in my hand – try to distract myself from the fact that it looks like a body fat episode from Botched – and rub it around. Since it doesn’t lather up I usually only go for this product when I don’t need a deep clean (aka I’m not pulling it out after a sweaty Spin class). However, I think the idea of popping it in the fridge and using it during Summer showers sounds so refreshing and appealing!

Eau Roma Water I sampled this product in my last LUSH haul, and I quote “I only got a sample pot of this toner but am about to rush to the store to buy a full bottle.” Welp, that happened and I’m so excited it did. Rose spritzers are huge this year and for good reason. Ingredients such as rose and lavender not only smell great, but work to treat dryness, redness, and irritation. I use this both morning and night under my moisturizer and find it to be extremely hydrating. Recently my skin has been UBER dry and I’ve been carrying this in my handbag for mid-day pick-me-ups. I have the 3.3 oz bottle (which is $10.95) and it has lasted me for months.

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask Every time I see the ingredients in this mask I definitely cringe a little inside: fresh green grapes, fresh free range eggs, fresh garlic. Yeah, not too appealing. However I can openly say that it doesn’t smell bad at all! I find this mask to be amazing at clearing up my skin when it is at its wits end. It is very calming, reduces breakouts, and brings balance back to the skin. If you need any more convincing, Martha Stewart Weddings nominated this for it’s “2014 Big Day Beauty Awards”.

Have you tried anything new from LUSH lately? Let me know in the comments!


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