How I Burn 100 Calories with Chobani

We’re officially a month into the New Year, and officially forced to come to terms of whether or not your goals are working) One of mine that’s fallen to the wayside? Incorporating more exercise into my daily routine. Unfortunately my evenings post-work are usually filled with late-night calls to Australia, daily chores, and keeping up with blog posts (and the Kardashians, of course). In order to take small steps towards my goal I’ve been adamant of introducing small steps into my morning to afternoon timestamps.

One of the busiest times of my week comes with Saturday mornings. Constrary to what I’d like to do (aka lie in bed and watch Netflix until noon), I’m usually up around 7:30 a.m. chasing the daylight for photos. Mother Nature has *blessed* me with approximately 30 to 60 minutes of good lighting before the sun hides its head behind my complex. Lets just say I need all of the motivation to get moving. For me that means a quick and healthy breakfast, a fresh cup of coffee, and my favorite playlist. This small routine has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the week.

Yogurt has always been a staple in my fridge as it’s so easy to grab and eat quickly. Thankfully Chobani has recently introduced the Simply 100 Crunch – a light greek yogurt with natural, crunchy goodies. Best part? It’s all for 100 calories. I usually pop one of these on my dresser and snack away as I dance along to a good playlist (or at least aimlessly hand dance to it). The combination of upbeat music and yummy noshing is the perfect way to kick off a productive – and semi-healthy – weekend. Who wouldn’t want to substitute the treadmill for dancing?

Some other fun ways to burn 100 calories include 26 minutes of walking the dog, 38 minutes of shopping (another favorite), and 9 minutes of jogging.

However you like to keep active, Simply 100 Crunch is a guilt-free way to indulge. Thank you kindly to Chobani for inviting me to share more of their goodness! What are you doing to add more active steps into your daily routine?

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