Thursday’s Top Picks: Gold Blush Days

Weekly Favorites 1.6.15.

This color palette gives me life! Maybe it’s the Pantone recognition of “Color of the Year”, or the softness of winter pastels, but I can’t stray away from anything blush. I made a promise to myself to not buy anything in January – including makeup, clothes, and anything unnecessary. Am I crazy? Maybe. But moreso I want to get into a habit of only investing in things I really want or need. 
I’ve started to create a wishlist for my first purchase in February to keep me in line. Record players have been everywhere lately and this gold one is right up my alley. I feel like records are such a fun thing to collect, and can be really meaningful. I also love the idea of investing in a nice backpack – especially one that is cream/peach colored and can be used year round. And this textured blush jacket? Yes all around!
Is there anything on your wishlist? I’m constantly adding so let me know your favorites!


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