Weekly Favorites | 11.22.15

What. A. Week. Anyone else utterly exhausted? It’s been like wake, caffeinate, work, blog  work, more work, sleep, repeat. But the weekend has rolled itself around again and it’s accepted with open arms! The next two weekends for me are extremely busy with a trip back home for the holidays and a plane ride out to L.A. (!!!!). I have a ton of great content coming your way so stay tuned! Think fall photo shoots, museum tours, and a lot of beauty.

After a weekend filled of highs (an ever certain album release) and lows (thinking of Paris) my favorite things this week have been anything to keep me motivated and positive…

Hearing | Is this a surprise to anyone? I’ve been slowly convincing the world to listen to the new One Direction album and have been succeeding. If you need any more motivation just look at Niall Horan in glasses *swoon*Drinking | A new JRINK location has opened by my office – making two within a ten minute stroll! I snagged a bottle of Black Magic and its activated charcoal, aloe vera water, grape, and lemon have been helping me get through lazy post-drink mornings.Wearing | A closet clean out last weekend has lent me to bringing out some old closet favorites. Included are oversized turtleneck sweaters, black bomber jackets, and of course rain boots.Reading | I finished Girl on the Train and absolutely loved it! For those who haven’t read it yet, it’s a definite. The chapters continually kept me on the edge of my seat and had me flipping through the pages like it was nobody’s business. Next up: the third book in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Whatcha up to now, Salander?Trying | Every night this week i’ve been bringing out my inner yogi and meditating for ten minutes before bed (thanks Eden!). It has definitely relaxed my brain and helped me to sleep soundly through the night. We’ll see how things continue, but even if you just need a calming voice download Headspace. Andy has LEGITIMATELY the most relaxing voice. Is it wrong to listen to on repeat?

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