Weekly Favorites | 10.19.15.

Who said favorites posts had to be on Monday? Not me. Realistically, I was removed from the internet browsing sphere this weekend so I’m only now caught up. This month has been utterly chaotic, but in the best way possible. I have a feeling that November and December will be major hibernation months for me. Bring on all of the late mornings, cozy evenings by the fire, and lots of snuggly blankets. There’s something about the colder months that make it so easy to say no to things and be the laziest person alive. Sign. Me. Up.

I’ve decided to bring back my old categorized style of my favorites. For me, this is definitely a more concise list (and is easier to breeze through). Think of this as a five-minute mind break from the craziness of your week: you have my permission…

Reading | Girl on the Train I’m about a chapter into this book and am already so in love of the writing style. I’ve been told great things, so I can’t wait to see how this one goes.

Watching | Music Video Releases I feel like a lot of people tend to forget about music videos these days, but honestly they’re some of my favorite media. It’s always interesting to see your favorite songs put into a visual, and the creative liberties that are taken. My favorites so far: One Direction’s Perfect (black and white and beautifully shot); Drake’s Hotline Bling (check out those dance moves and that turtleneck!); Ellie Goulding’s On My Mind (yasss girl! There’s nothing more badass than a gorgeous woman riding a horse through a casino with a shotgun and throwing dolla bills. Yup, I said that correctly); Disclosure ft. Lorde’s Magnets (another example of badassery from women); and 5SOS’s Hey Everybody! (basically the modern day interpretation of Blank Check)

Eating | Everything Fall I made this skinny pumpkin pie dip for my latest book club and have been scraping the leftovers ever since. So good and you can pretend like it’s somewhat healthy for you! I also am looking to try out Karlie Kloss’ recipe for apple crumble with my latest from apple picking

Hearing | Jingle Ball Playlist Ever since me and Faith snagged our tickets to LA for the Jingle Ball concert I’ve been listening to the artists on repeat Cue The Weeknd, 1D, 5SOS, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, and Shawn Mendes (aka all of the feel good songs)

Loving | GMGxBaubleBar + DIY Costumes + Starbucks Tweets Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam has collaborated with Bauble Bar, and it’s as perfect as you can imagine. The striped jewelry roll, kiss wall print, and rabbit ears glass display case are my favorite pieces and are on my Christmas wishlist. First though, let’s talk about Halloween. Studio DIY has always created the best DIY costumes and this year is no exception. How cute are these popcorn, Lisa Frank, and fries costumes? Lastly, I legit LOL’d while reading these tweets about Starbucks (while also drinking Starbucks).

Wearing | Blanket Scarves Tis’ the season to wrap a blanket around yourself and call it an accessory! If you’re still stumped on how to tie your scarf, here are four creative (and easy) ways

Lusting | Leather Leggings Move over Sandy, leather leggings are back. This pair from Express are in my shopping cart and I’m still thinking if I can incorporate them into my Halloween costume. I love how thick the material is on these, without being TOO shiny.

BONUS: Looking to invest in some makeup? Check out these great articles from a few of my lovely friends: Ashlyn gives you the low down on all types of concealers and Faith goes over the differences in NARS foundations, and what may work best for you! 

Now, off to enjoy this new taco and champagne emoji that just came in my iOS update…


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