Tips for Investing in Makeup

In the beauty world it seems that a few products come out that gets everyone buzzing. These are those things that fly off of the shelves, pop up on blogs everywhere, and are considered ‘staples’ in your makeup repertoire. The bigger question is, are they really worth the investment?

I think it’s definitely smart to swatch, Google, and do some overall research on a product before you purchase. Sometimes what works for one person may not work for another – and that’s okay! But before you drop $50+ on a product it’s good to know exactly what you’re in for. Here are some of my go-to tips…

Ask Around: This one’s a no-brainer for me as I have a few friends who also are deeply in love with makeup. They’re always my best source for honest advice and usually have a good idea of whether or not something is worth purchasing. The best part is that sometimes they’ll even let you test it out if they already own it!

Look at Vlogs/Blogs: Some beauty bloggers have access to the best products – and get to test them out way before they are officially released to the public. This gives them a “one up” on other sites because they usually have been wearing the products for a longer period. Also, most of these sources have a wide range of each product (i.e. several foundations, lipsticks, bronzers…) so they can give you a realistic comparison of other brands.

Google It: I Google everything. I mean, everything. It’s the easiest way to see several sources all in one place and to get an unbiased review. I usually look through the images to see swatches and then browse through a few sites. Through Google I was introduced to one of my favorite review sites: Temptalia ( If there’s a new release, they usually have it on there and usually also have a dupe or two listed.

Sample, Sample, Sample: Sephora is really great with letting customers try things. Not only can you go into the stores and swatch things (which I always recommend), but you can also usually ask for a small sample size. This is usually best for things like foundations and face products. Another recommendation is to check out the mini section near the register. A lot of the bigger lines carry small travel sized versions of their best-selling products – for much less! This way you can test everything out before you invest in the full size.

Let’s chat! Is there a specific process you follow before investing in a beauty product? What splurge item are you looking forward to adding to your routine? 


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