The Ten: Summer 2015

Shopping for Fall staples had me thinking: what were some of the the best investments I made this Summer? With this, I wanted to introduce a new series on the blog: The Ten. These are the ten items that are compiled at the end of each season that I have continued to love throughout the three to four months. They’re my go-to’s. The ones I first grabbed from my closet and knew will work without fail.

  1. Plain White T-Shirt I seriously have 3-4 plain white shirts in my closet that I rotated through this summer. They’re the perfect way to stay cool while also being pulled together. This one from J Crew is so soft and lightweight. I definitely am going to be stocking up on more for next year
  2. Lime Satchel Handbag Chartreuse was my color of the season. When I first saw this bag in Target at the beginning of June, I knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect size for toting things around and had a ton of compartments. I also love any bag that has handles for wearing around your arm crease, but that can also be strapped around your shoulder. The best part is that the bag was less than $30 and still looks brand new (which is impressive, considering the amount of Amtrak and MegaBus trips it took)
  3. Perforated Midi Skirt Speaking of my color of the season, can we talk about this skirt? Not joking, I probably wore it once a week. It was the perfect length, material, and color to last me through the summer. Loft always pulls through with great skirts. Unfortunately this one looks unavailable, but I look forward to seeing what they release next summer. 
  4. Lace Up Sandals I ended up buying these shoes at the end of summer, but wish I had gotten them at the beginning. Lace up shoes were everywhere this summer and I was completely on the bandwagon. These were the best shoes to wear when I wanted to look pulled together, yet remain comfortable. 
  5. Lace Midi Skirt Another midi skirt (we’re not done yet). This one’s kind of a cheat item, but I still felt like it needed to be included. I bought this probably three years ago and continue to love it. It has the softest lace on the outside and is so easy to pair with a basic tee, or a chambray shirt as the temperatures dropped. It is just a feminine piece that is so easy to wear.
  6. Graphic Tees I don’t know why, but I always am drawn to graphic tees. I think they are just so easy to put an outfit together with and add personality to an outfit. I found this sparkly pineapple shirt at the end of Summer and wore it nonstop. It’s so soft yet is so fun!
  7. Bold Brow Sunglasses I am a major sunglass hoarder. I easily have 20+ pairs, yet found myself drawn to these black and gold ones from Urban Outfitters. They’re a bit more rounded than I usually wear but I love how dark the lenses are. I also find the frames to be great quality – which can be hard to find on a budget.
  8. Hot Pink Purse This purse was a big moment for me: my first Kate Spade. Granted it was a bit of an impulse purchase (on sale, hot pink. Who can say no?) but I love the pop of color it added to simple outfits. It’s definitely not a color I can wear year round, but I love how it stands out during Summer.
  9. Floral Midi Skirt Sarah, another midi, really? Yes. I just love them. I bought this one online from Groopdealz and was so surprised at it’s quality. It is an elastic waistband (which can either work in your favor or not) and I’ve found it to never stretch out throughout the day. The fabric itself is also a heavier weight so I didn’t have to worry about it flying around in the summer breeze.
  10. Tan Sandals I’ll be honest, I’m wearing these shoes right now at the end of September. These are my go-to slip on and run out the door shoes and I love them for that. 

I think it’ll be so exciting to see how my favorites change throughout the seasons, and years. I always feel like the things I think are going to be my everyday pieces change as the time goes on.

What did you love in Summer? Think you’ll love them again next year?


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