August Favorites

August was such a good month for makeup. Some trends just don’t necessarily work for me or my skin, and it’s okay to recognize that. However the whole dewy skin, bronzed eye, and full brow look that’s going on right now is totally up my alley. With August came the lovely thing called Summer Fridays. Ever heard of them? For some people it was a day to lay out by the pool, sleep in late, and soak in the overall laziness of the long days. For me it was an excuse to #GSD and somehow or another I always fond myself walking over to my local Sephora. Frankly I think it’s to blame for my recent love of watching vlogs and seeing them introduce all of the new lines.

Each girl has different features and makeup habits, so it’s always fun to see what works for one may not work for the other. All of these products are new acquires – and I think they’ll be here to stay for a while (along with the Summer trends):

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe This product has been a beauty cult item for what seems like ages. However, I like my brows to be clean and filled in – and it seemed like this product wasn’t going to be a good substitute for the namesake brow pomade. Thankfully I’ve found that this product works in perfect unison with the pomade. I use the spoolie to brush my brows into place, fill in with my pomade, and then clean everything up with the Brow Wiz. The small applicator does the best job at getting clean lines and honestly I’d buy the spoolie on its own, if it was sold that way! It’s amazing how products can work in totally different ways than you originally purchase them for.

NYX “Set It and Don’t Fret It” Matte Finishing Powder I feel like having a matte powder in this collection counteracts the whole ‘dewy love’ approach, but this is different. Although the powder promises a matte finish, it doesn’t take away the highlight of my skin. I usually apply it on a large fluffy brush in the morning to set my makeup. I then reapply midday to freshen up my skin and limit any overly shiny spots on my face. This particular product also comes in three colors (I bought the lighter one) and they have an ‘invisible’ option if you don’t want any color. NYX, you’ve done it again.

Stila “Stay All Day” Liquid Lipstick in Venezia When I first wrote about this product in my Birchbox unboxed, I wasn’t a huge fan. However, the more that i’ve been trying out this formula the more i’ve been enjoying it. I do feel it still is a bit drying, but I’ve been adding a thin layer of chapstick under the application to smooth things out a bit. I think the biggest selling point for me on this one is the color. Anytime I apply it, I can’t stop looking at the bold shade and feel like it works even better as my summer tan is fading. 

Loreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Light/Medium Out of all of the products in the lineup this month, this one may be my favorite. A brow gel? Really? Yes. I never knew how much of a difference a gel can made until I finally gave this a shot. With a quick run through my brows, it keeps everything in place throughout the entire day. Forewarning: the product can be a bit of an overkill if you apply too much. I find that I wipe all of the sides off on the side of the tube before I apply, and it’s more than enough. I also use this on its own when i’m looking for a more natural look. Bonus is that this also comes in three shades and is perfect for any brow color.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst I’ll admit, I really wanted the Ombre Blackstar by Terry from seeing it all over the UK beauty blogs. However, getting it in the states is a tad bit more difficult. When I spotted this number from the Laura Mercier counter at Sephora, I thought i’d give it a whirl! Although the color range is a bit less impressive than the Ombre Blackstar sticks – I’m still looking for a bronze/brown shimmer shade – my eyes did draw to Amethyst (a soft mauve with pearl). After swatching, I knew it was a winner. The color payoff of these are amazing and they’re so easy to apply. Also, when I say they last all day I mean seriously ALL DAY (enter Schmidt quote here). 

What did you love about August? I seriously can’t wait until next month’s favorites when fall beauty rolls in! Bring on the berry lip and smoky eyes.


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