Weekly Favorites: Week of 8.22.15.

A week’s hiatus is sometimes just what you need. Last week was an exciting one with my birthday, lots of happy hours, and a trip to Ocean City this weekend. I’m now looking forward to taking some time to get back on track and on a normal sleep cycle (exhaustion to the fullest). I also have some awesome new products I’ve been testing out so I can’t wait to share them all! Here are some of the other things I’ve been loving lately:

Hearing All things rock. My playlist of Mumford and Sons, Youngblood Hawke, and Andrew McMahon In the Wildnerness has been on repeat lately. I listened to a ton of these artists – as well as many questionable punk rock bands – in high school so it always brings me back. “Ditmas” by M+S is seriously so good. I don’t think I’ll get sick of it for a while.

Envying Fall makeup. Bring on the berry lips and bronzed eyes that come with fall. I’m seriously so ready for the cooler weather and everything that comes along with it. Fall is always my favorite season, but this year I’m searching for it even more. I can’t wait for layers, 

Needing Relaxation. I’m officially coining this month as “hibernation time”. This means lots of productivity, getting back into my spin classes, and cooking more meals at home. The summer always tends to get things out of line so I’m looking forward to starting a routine again.

Watching Pretty Little Liars. Seems like I can’t stop, won’t stop with this show. Thank goodness for Netflix for blessing me with the ability to marathon with my favorites. I’m currently halfway through Season 5 and can’t wait to catch up to all of the excitement that’s on TV! The dramz in this show is real, and I love every second of it. Team #haleb fa lyfe!

What are you loving lately? Here’s to a good week (and two shots of espresso in my coffee today).


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