Things That Blogging Has Taught Me (So Far)

Yesterday I nearly had a heart attack. While writing my most recent post, I realized that today’s would be #100. 100! What?! When I started this thing back in January I never thought I would have enough to write about in 20 posts, let alone three-digits worth. I also can’t believe that it has been exactly seven months since I pressed “Publish” for the very first time. That thing about time flying? Yeah, it’s true. When I look back I realize that there are so many new things that I’ve learned within those 100 posts. Things move so fast on the internet, and I’ve progressed in a way that I never thought possible – all at speeds that shocked me. Here are some of the things i’ve learned:

You don’t always need to post.

Sometimes quantity doesn’t beat quality. When I first started to blog I thought that I had to post daily – I mean, others were doing it, shouldn’t I be? Well, I soon came to the conclusion that the world will continue to spin if you don’t add a new blog entry each day. Coming up with creative things – especially after a long day of work – is hard! Take a breather, clear your mind, and come back when you’re ready. The people who enjoy your blog will be waiting (and excited to see what you have to say)

The manual setting is your BFF.

Oh my gosh, learning how to shoot in manual was the best lesson I could have ever been taught! It definitely takes more time and effort, but the reward speaks for itself. I was looking through one of my first recipe posts and was astonished by the difference:

That’s like pinning Nick Jonas circa Jonas Brothers vs. Nick Jonas Calvin Klein ad. Im-prove-ment! Your camera is a nice piece of equipment, so why not learn how to use it to its fullest potential? It’s totally worth it.

It’s okay, everyone is awkward doing outfit posts.

Bless my poor friend Lydia for dealing with me in my most awkward state. Let’s face it, posing in clothes is weird. Even more so, posing in clothes in a busy public area is SUPER weird. People may think we’re whack jobs, but the more comfortable you are and the more you embrace the #DGAF attitude the better your pictures will come out! If all else fails, usually we take our photos after Happy Hour where a few glasses of champagne are consumed. Instant confidence.

Shooting in winter is not cute.

This one is a doozy. The hardest thing is putting on cute shoes, trying to not look like a snowman, and also attempting to be cute in 30-degree weather. I remember taking these photos below and doing everything we can not to slip on the ice:

At the same time, shooting in summer can also be not cute. Sweatiness and humidity happen. 

The blogging community isn’t as tough as it seems.

As High School Musical states, we’re all in this together. Troy Bolton is right there. I always thought of the blogging community to be this impenetrable field. However, everyone is so great at celebrating others’ achievements and is so nice! Blogging gives the great opportunity to meet people from all around the world and to see their most creative moments. How cool is that? 

Finding your niche takes time.

The amount that I have learned about myself in the past 100 posts is crazy! It’s interesting to take a seat back and look at yourself from a different perspective. Blogging gives you this great opportunity to truly embrace your creative side, step out of your comfort zone, and take chances. With that, it’s a huge game of trying new things and finding your true voice. Sometimes what’s “trending” isn’t you, and that’s okay! Find what you love, what reflects your personality, and stick with it.

You build skills you didn’t know you needed.

It’s kind of insane how much blogging can be like a career. Through it i’ve learned how to network, how to read your viewers and learn what they like, how to use Photoshop, the difference between posting on the various social media platforms, and so much more! These are all things that I never expected to pick up by starting this thing. Now they’re things that I bring into my daily life, and even my career as Marketing. It’s so cool when your hobby can blend into something that is tangible.

Sometimes it’s best to just log off.

Two words: digital detox. At work I sit in front of my computer for nine hours a day, and sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home is get back on it to write a post. Blogging can be a constant thread of checking analytics, scrolling through Instagram, reading Bloglovin, etc. Every once in a while I need to force myself to step away from all social media and get back to the real world (and no, not the one with eight strangers…).  Whenever I go on vacation, I’ve been completely shutting off my phone and just enjoying the time. Let’s face it, a glow from the sun is so much better than a glow from your phone screen.

Not everything is macarons + designer fashion (it’s hard).

Blogging takes time, effort, and constant creativity. Usually I end my day of work and have to go home and write a new post. My weekends are now filled with planning blog shoots, coming up with new ideas, and learning how to market myself. The reality is that no one’s going to hand you designer clothes and fancy makeup until you work for it. And even then, it may never happen. 


Out of everything I’ve taken from this experience thus far, this one is definitely the best. Through blogging I’ve met so many new (and great) people, explored new places and spots within the city, grew talents with my best friend, and have a sort of ‘diary’ that covers part of my life. To me, that’s so exciting. Regardless of if this lasts for another day, year, or if it never does, at least I can always check this one off of the list.

What have you crossed off of your resolution list so far? If you blog, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Here’s to 100 more.


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