Weekly Favorites: Week of 7.12.15.

The amount of exhaustion I feel today can be compared to the amount of sweets I ate yesterday – a lot. What was supposed to be a seemingly low-key weekend ended up turning into an uber busy one (which sometimes is the norm when living in a city). Friday was filled with blog prep work, running errands, and a happy hour with friends. Saturday was about the same – but topped off with a mini bar crawl and fireworks to celebrate Alexandria’s 266th birthday. 

Yesterday I went on a cupcake/macaron (and even fudge) tour of Georgetown with Lydia. I snagged a bunch of photos of all of our sweets and will be posting them later this week! For now, I’m keeping my eye on the prize – wrapping up all of my work so I can enjoy Taylor Swift tomorrow night. My sister and a few of her friends are coming into town and I can’t believe the concert is finally here.

I’m secretly hoping that Ed Sheeran pops out on stage for a quick duo. Hey, a girl can dream.


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