Pineapple Tee

Let me be honest: writing this post all I can hear in my head is the theme song from Spongebob Squarepants. The square dude got it right: pineapples are officially this summer’s most loved fruit. While browsing H&M in Old Town last weekend me and Lydia stumbled across this tee and I knew I had to have it. Soft cotton, sequins, and bright colors? Checkmate. 

This shirt is the perfect choice for remaining comfy, yet still having a little pop. I paired it with my overly-loved – once black – jeans that I got from Kohls years ago. These babies have been to war and back with me, and I love them for it. Even though my laundry skills have turned them into a lovely gray color they are still the softest material for running around town. 

My lipstick pink Kate Spade bag and some chunky heels were the perfect accessories for sharing this outfit over margaritas with friends last night. 

Sidenote: there’s just something about the streets during summer that makes Arlington so beautiful. If you can overcome the extreme humidity, the blooming flowers and people all about make for the best kind of evenings.

Cue hair flip…

Pineapple T-Shirt: H&M

Black Jeans: Kohls

Heels: Marshalls | Similar | Love These!

Bag: Kate Spade | Similar

Bracelet: Kate Spade

Photos c/o Lydia Schwoebel-Taylor

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