June Favorites: Body

Today’s post features the last installment of my favorites for June. These products are all newbies for me and all are focused on skincare. I feel like the Summer is one of the seasons where I’m definitely more interested in what i’m putting on my skin – especially my face. 

Everything seems to be a bit drier and the promise of a warm glow is a major selling-point…

Spin for Perfect Skin Cleansing Brush A good face cleaning brush has been on my radar for a lifetime. However, the $100+ price tag was definitely a deterrent. One day I was browsing the Gram and a fellow beauty blogger had a code for 70% off of this particular brand. After reading some heavy reviews, I figured it was legit enough to give it a shot. Boy, I’m glad I did. For $30 this bad boy seriously cleans! I always knew washing my face with my hands didn’t get all of the makeup off of my face, but I didn’t know HOW much was left. Lately I’ve been applying my wash once with just my hands to get majority of the grime off, then follow up with more wash, but this time on the brush. It’s amazing how much cleaner my face feels! I also love this particular brand because it comes with four different cleansing heads – a daily cleaning one, an exfoliating one,  a larger body brush, and a pumice stone. Can you say back for your buck? 

Eos Shave Cream in Lavender Jasmine Let’s face it, shave cream is pretty boring. Somehow Eos made it a little more exciting. The packaging of this brand pulled me in and I snagged it from my CVS – for $3.50 (!!!!). The most interesting part of this product is that it doesn’t lather up like most shave creams, which I actually miss a little. Instead, it just has a nice lotiony feel. However, the light smell and moisturizing qualities totally makes up for the lack of foam. The label promises that you can shave wet or dry skin as well. I’ve never tried the latter, and am not sure if this is something people even do, but it’s good to know if you’re in a rush!

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves John Frieda has officially taken over my hair lately – and I’m not complaining. I have been using the Sheer Blonde routine in the shower for years, and added this sea salt spray recently. I usually hate the way that salt sprays feel but this one has the ability to create a beachy look without the grimy feel. I’ll spray it all over my locks on a Day 3 of my curls for loose waves. The smell is also fantastic and takes me back to the beach – I wish literally. The JF line also includes a purifying shampoo and a detangling conditioner which I haven’t tried yet, but they’re definitely on my ‘products to try’ list.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse As a Jersey girl tan skin is a second nature for me. Okay, maybe not to the level of Jersey Shore but I definitely enjoy a nice glow in the summertime. I’m not proud to admit that I grew up going to tanning beds on the reg but I’ve definitely cut them out in the past few years. Not only is it pricey, but it’s obviously bad for your skin. After my trip to OBX I stopped by Sephora and snagged the ever-envious St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. I first tried this on a Friday night, in fears that if it looked horrendous I at least had the weekend to remove all signs of a tanning mishap. The mousse is super easy to apply. I would definitely recommend buying the tanning mit since it helps even things out, and yes, I also watched a video on how to apply it to your whole body. After letting it dry for few minutes, I popped on loose clothing and hopped into bed. The next morning I noticed the color was a little streaky – eek- but after a rinse everything was so even! I’ve gotten much better at applying it and usually do it once a week. The color lasts for 3-4 days for me, and fades so naturally. I feel like there will definitely be many bottles purchased in my near future…

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any other body items you’ve been loving lately? Let me know!

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