It’s Break Time with Chobani | #BreakYouMake

Chobani Flip is challenging everyone to recognize and shine the spotlight on someone in your life who deserves a break with their newest campaign: the #BreakYouMake. The entire concept is based around the idea that life is busy, people are busy. However, even the busiest people deserve to press pause and celebrate small moments of enjoyment each day. When I started thinking about the person I knew who deserves to take a break the most I knew it was my Mom.

Not only has she recently gotten a promotion at her job in the ICU – which is stressful to begin with – she also has simultaneously started towards her lifelong goal of getting her Masters degree. Mind you, she’s doing all of this just because it’s something she always wanted to do. While all of this is going on, she also took a huge turn in her health. She has recently lost some weight and is following a healthier lifestyle.

Multitasking to the highest level? Yup. She truly is a wonder woman and it’s remarkable how she does it all.

One of the ways my Mom loves to unwind, even if it’s just for a few minutes, is by relaxing in the sun with a good book. I have definitely followed suit with loving this little moment of peace. With living in a busy city, it’s hard sometimes to escape. Between working a full-time job, running this little corner of my mind, and keeping up with the normalcies of my life, it can become very stressful.

When I do have some time to unwind I love to lay down a blanket in the park for some reading and snacking. When I stumbled upon the new Chobani Flips I knew they were the perfect counterpart for my favorite escape in the city. My favorite flavor is definitely the Key Lime Crumble – with key lime flavored yogurt, with graham cracker crumbs and white chocolate chips (it also happens to be one of my mom’s favorite flavors!) Chocolate Haze Craze is also the perfect substitution for a run to Pinkberry – instead you can grab it and go! Somehow between the pages of a good book, and the serene feel of the green around you, it’s easy to step away for a few moments. 

Although I can’t be with my mom to enjoy these times together, it’s still nice to indulge in the small things that relax us both.

Who deserves the Chobani #BreakYouMake in your life? What do you do to indulge in the little moments? 

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