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When I’m really busy, it’s definitely harder to stay inspired. However the hope of a vacation coming my way next weekend leads to some exciting Pinterest action. Summer leads to the love of all things bright and fun – two of my favorite aesthetic looks. 

Lately I’ve been loving…

…Beach Wavy Hair Summer is all about keeping that sunkissed fresh-from-the-beach look. I love the way my hair looks and feels after spending a day in the sun. My highlights pop out and the salt adds a perfect effortless wave. In order to achieve this without access to the ocean, I’ve been spraying some John Freida Surf Spray into my locks. The best part is the coconut scent, which just screams summer *swoon*. I also love the idea of adding in some texturing spray, or a braided crown, to keep your hair out of your face.

…Glowing Skin with Pops of Color Bronzers and highlighters are my best friends when the warmer months roll around. There’s a simple pleasure in adding a champagne sheen over your cheekbones when they’re hit with a little bit of sun. I also love the idea of bright coral and pink glosses to top things off. The new collections from Christopher Kane + Nars and Urban Decay have been totally playing off of this trend. Their packaging alone just makes me want to pop them into my beach tote.

…Summer Vibes I’m talking about melty ice cream cones, frozen drinks with pineapples, and loading up on colorful accessories. Although these things are great year round – they’re especially loved this time of year. There’s nothing better then bringing out your inner youth with the easy-breezy feel of summer.

What have you been loving lately? Be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you want more Summer feels like these!

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