Spring Cleaning

Tis the season for realizing how much crap you’ve collected over the last year. I don’t think I’m necessarily a hoarder but there’s moments where I look in my closet and wonder where the heck everything came from.

My clothes are a whole different story. I’m still convincing myself to go through them, but in the meantime I figured I’d share some minor things I use to keep the other areas of my apartment together. I find that if you spend a few minutes cleaning up clutter each day it’s much easier to keep things cleaner overall. One of my favorite solutions is ensuring that everything has a place. Think of things like remotes, wires, and other accessories you use on a daily basis but aren’t necessarily aesthetically appealing.

Living Room

IKEA is the granddaddy of selling organizing pieces that are not only functional but easy-on-the eye. I snagged some structured magazine boxes from a store in winter and they’ve become the easiest way to organize things. I have two of them in our living room that houses all of my random magazines that I ‘have to save’.

For most people who have been to my apartment know that it’s mainly black/white. However, a hot pink box I snagged from IKEA is the perfect pop of color while still remaining functional. I throw USB cords, HTML connectors, and other random cords that are for the TV but are used rarely.

I’ve also had this circle candle holder forever and have turned it into our remote caddy. Keeping the remotes in here allows for less clutter and also makes it easier to always find them (instead of them making a home between the couch cushions.)

Cork boards are also an easy thing to add to your walls without necessarily taking up a ton of space. I grabbed a fabric material one from The Container Store and use this flowered pins to hold pretty cards, notes, and anything that catches my eye – the texture also matches the couches, adding some continuity in the room. Not only do I get to display the pieces but it also keeps them in close proximity if you’re not ready to toss them.


As apartment dwellers know and understand, the biggest challenge is making use of the limited space you have. Although my room is a bit more spacious than others there still seems to be a fine line between making the space my own and keeping it tidy. I snagged some decanters from a friend (who snagged them at a yard sale) and use two of them on my bar cart. The other two sit on my dresser and hold my larger jewelry pieces. Not only are the crystal bottles pretty to look at, the jewelry itself seems highlighted and adds an element of flair.

In my room I also use the living room magazine boxes from IKEA – this time in yellow. One of the boxes houses our Internet modem – which may be the most genius Pinterest-worthy idea I had. I cut a small hole in the back for the wires to feed out of and it allows for the chunky modem to stay hidden. Right now the other box holds all of my craft supplies – which are slowly overgrowing the space.

My nightstand is another place where I tend to keep things orderly. I snagged a mirrored pineapple jar from H&M home when I visited their store and it’s the perfect place to hold my Diptyque hand lotion and chapstick – which I apply before bed.

BONUS: Can you tell I like to read? Books are an extremely easy thing to collect and use as decoration. I have a ton of them scattered throughout my apartment in stacks and they add color without the bulk.

What are some of your organizing tricks? Do you have any plans to spring clean? Love to hear your thoughts!


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