Fruity Flavors with a Spritz

Some days when I need a bit of inspiration I turn to Pinterest. However, it always seems like I have a collection of “recipes/crafts I really wanna try but never actually do so”. You know the feeling, right?

One weekend I stumbled upon this cheerful photo from Oh Joy! and was immediately attracted. If you don’t know Joy Cho you should find out. Not only is she an adorable mother of two, her lines are featured in Target stores, and she recently released her second book. I felt that this simple fizzy drink was easy enough to mimic yet still be a fun treat!

All you need to do is pour some juice into glasses and place them sideways in the freezer. I used a Pomegranate Limeade from Trader Joes and poured enough in the glasses to fill them half-way. I then placed the glasses on a tilt into cupcake holders to easily keep them upright in the freezer.

After a few hours, you can just pop them out and fill the rest of the glass with a lighter beverage. I used the Spindriff Seltzer from Trader Joes – which later found out that it does have coloring and flavor. This was definitely a more ‘bold’ taste than I assume a regular spritzer drink would be. 

I have a feeling these are catered more to children – but hey, we’re all children at heart. I can definitely see myself drinking them more in the summer when I want something besides water but don’t necessarily want the sugary taste of juices. I can also see myself putting a boozy spin on these with adding in some sparkling wine or champagne instead of the water.

The best part is that the frozen juice keeps the drink cold and builds in flavor as it begins to melt. Place me by a pool with one of these and call it a day.

What combo would you try? 

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