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Today I’m talking about one of my favorite lipstick brands: the Kate Moss line from Rimmel. Not only is this lip product fairly inexpensive, it also is one of my favorite products that I go to. We all know Kate for her iconic style but she made an unexpected launch into make-up. These shades are extremely versatile and the brand promises 8-hour wear. Although I’ve found the color to leave a tint for 8 hours, the creamy texture itself fades much sooner.

I’ve slowly collected the shades over the past year and once my CVS had them ringing up for $.52 cents I loaded up. Best. Investment. Ever. The matte shade 103 is my absolute favorite. It’s a pale pink that complements my lip color and it has a hint of a floral scent. I also love 05 and 08 in the regular formula. 05 is another pink-y tone – a little more hint of rose than 103 – and the 08 is a Kylie Jenner match. I actually wore it for New Years Eve this year and it was a hit!

Regardless, if you’re looking for a great lipstick with a nice flash of color – Kate is your girl. The packaging is super sleek and non-fuss. It is highlighted by her signature which brands each lip color. The shades vary with the red label being matte and black being a more cream texture. Personally, I enjoy a creamy texture more when it comes to my lip products but I’ve thrown glosses over the matte colors and enjoy them just as much!

Have you tried these shades yet? If so, which is your favorite?

Shades L to R: 104 | 109 | 05 | 08 | 111 | 103

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