Weekly Favorites: Week of 3.8.15.

I don’t know about you but I’m seriously loving this warmer weather. I can’t believe less than a week ago we got four inches of snow and now I’m in light layers. This weekend was the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine while also crossing things off of my to-do list. Friday was spent with some homemade buffalo chicken pizza, a glass of wine, and Mockingjay on my screen. I’ve been excited to see the latest installment of The Hunger Games and it didn’t disappoint – except that she’s in love with Peeta over Gail. Really, Katniss? Have you seen Liam Hemsworth?! No contest on my part. 

Saturday brought on the sunshine and a stroll around Georgetown. I hit up some of my favorite shops – Lush, Sephora, H&M, and Home Goods – and grabbed a bunch of new things I’ve been looking for! It was one of those days where everything you need just seems to fall into place. Also, for DC folks, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the H&M + Forever 21 in Georgetown but they’re gold minds! The stores are extremely bright, clean, and huge

After my walk I spent the afternoon taking lots of blog photos. I feel like when I don’t have an endless supply of photos in place, I panic. During the week my mind is a black hole and I feel like I’m mentally drained once I leave the office. The weekends have been perfect for putting on some Buble, jotting down new post ideas, and snapping a ton of photos. I then spent the evening with friends over on U Street – which brought me to a slow Sunday.

Yesterday was filled with more photos, re-watching Mockingjay with my roommate Ashley, and ordering chinese take-out. Yum.

[Loving] Extra Daylight Although my body cursed the time change on Saturday night (2:30 a.m. quickly became 3:30. woof.), it’s slowly adjusted now that we’re into the workweek. I love the fact that when I leave work today the sun will still be out. I always feel like the extra hour makes being productive at night so much easier! Instead of crashing on my couch and wanting to go into a food coma, I now am excited to explore and then go into a food coma. The extra hour also makes taking photos a lot easier. More sunshine = more content for ya’ll!

[Envying] Spring Layers I’m the first to admit that I mostly buy cheap clothes. Give me a trendy-at-the-moment loose tank from F21 and I’m in! However, give it a few weeks of wear and it’s already on its way into the back of my closet. This year I’m making an oath to cut back on the shopping splurges and focus more on investment pieces. They may come with a heftier price tag but will ultimately last me longer. Some of my favorite pieces were snags from places like JCrew + Zara from two years ago – and yet, they’re still in style and are my go-to’s. P.S. Loft is currently offering 40% off everything!

[Needing] More of the Weekend For some reason these last few weeks have been draining. I’ve been finding myself exhausted after work and staying up late to get things done. The weekends are then packed with errands, friends, and not enough relaxation time. Can’t we just make Mondays part of the weekend? We need a petition stat.

[Watching] Netflix Now that Parks and Rec + Vanderpump Rules have ended (and Real Housewives is on its way out) I’ve been looking for a new show. After started a questionnaire on my Facebook asking for recommendations it seems like House of Cards is the winner. Makes sense, since I do live in the political capital. I’ve tried watching the series before and fell out of interest but I think it’s worth another try! I’m also getting into a new series on Netflix called “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” starring Ellie Kemper. It’s written by Tina Fey so you know it’s a winner.

[Feeling] Thankful It’s now been two months since I started With Love, From Sarah and I’m feeling super thankful for all of the support. Between the blogging community, my friends, and my family it’s been extremely easy to stay motivated and realize that this is something I truly love doing. They’re not kidding when they say blogging is a job. It takes time, effort, and a constant stream of creativity. However the feedback + love makes everything so worth it. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Hope your week is fabulous + filled with love.

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