Weekly Favorites: Week of 3.15.15.

Four days of not posting in the blogging world feels like missing a lifetime. Lately I’ve been feeling super busy with everything so I needed a few days to unwind. Thanks to lots of time with friends, lack of alarm clocks, spin classes, and Lush bubble baths, I feel revived. Using this new-found energy I’ve decided to finally take the plunge on registering the site as an official ‘dot com’. When I started this blog I was unsure if it would last a day, a week, or even a month. Although the creativity can be hard to find after a long day at work it’s definitely something I still look forward to. Welcome to withlove-fromsarah.com! Now you can use less letters to get to the same great content.

I’ve also opened up a Facebook page where I will keep all of my posts and happenings up-to-date. This way I can keep everything all in one place, without clogging up everyone’s news feed. If you haven’t followed it yet please stop by and say hi! I’m always looking to meet new faces.

So now, onto the things on the top of my mind this week:

[Feeling] Motivated I don’t know if it’s the extra sleep I got this weekend or the longer days but I finally feel charged up again. Winter blues are a thing ya’ll. I’ve been trying to kick my butt in gear post-work to ensure I get the most out of my days. Lunchtime walks are also high on my to-do list to keep me going. It’s amazing how those 15 minutes outside and away from the computer can really do a soul good! Plus, I definitely need to take advantage of my office’s surroundings – helllooooo Mr. President.

[Loving] Open-Toe Season Bringing out the sandals and wedges may be a little too premature, but a girl can still look right? I’ve recently stumbled upon Sole Society and have been holding back my credit card. I’m looking to invest in some high-quality strappy heels for summer and they have so many pieces that call my name. Here are some of the shoes I’ve been keeping my eyes on: Nahara Wedge Sandal | Elise Gladiator Heel | Chandler T-Strap Flat | Mallory T-Strap Heel

[Watching] HOC As per everyone’s feedback, I finally jumped on the House of Cards bandwagon. It’s still taking me a little while to get fully soaked into every aspect but I’m definitely giving it a whirl! I started Season 2 last time and can I just say FRANK UNDERWOOD. Staying 15 feet away from all of the metro platforms from now on…

[Snapping] Bloggers on Snapchat I’ll start off by saying that I was never a huge fan of Snapchat. However, I’ve started to learn how it’s become a huge marketing tool for a lot of brands, celebrities, and bloggers. Something about seeing the inside-scoop to these peoples’ lives is so intriguing. You get a front-row seat to some of their coolest events and really learn what they’re like on a day-to-day basis. It’s true, they’re real people too. Some of my favorites include icovetthee, caralorenvb, coralsncognacs, and devonrachel1.

How’s your week been so far? Hope it’s a good one!

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