Weekly Favorites: Week of 3.1.15.

But actually, where did January and February go? It’s hard to believe that March is already here and the transition to Spring has already begun – even though these freezing temperatures and icy grounds aren’t showing it. My mind has already ticked into Spring mode and is craving lighter things. I blame it on the warm-weather fashions that are springing into my Inbox and the hope of finally not having to keep my space heater on full blast.

Regardless, we’re still over here while Elsa lives her life as a free woman – but at least our minds can daydream. 

My favorites this week seem to reflect my change of mind and really kicking things in high gear. For me April and May bring productivity, longer days, and more motivation to get sh*t done:

[Hearing] The Accidental Creative So we’ve all heard of Serial, right? It’s sad to admit that before Adnan and Sarah existed podcasts were basically irrelevant to me. But discovery has slapped me in the face and introduced me to The Accidental Creative. This podcast is truly the bees knees (or any other out-aged saying your grandmother uses). These weekly listenings are anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes long and are the newest way I kick off my day. As their website describes, “Accidental Creative helps creatives and creative teams be more creative, collaborate effectively, and be more productive.” From “The Power of a Morning Ritual” to “Get Your Ideas Heard” to “Getting Unstuck” each session really kickstarts my creativity and motivation to live the best way I can. I plug in my headphones on the way to work and show up feeling super pumped about the day. Need more motivation? Jen Gotch, the most creative and spunky person out there (also known as the Founder and Creative Director for shopbando) swears by this podcast. I’m drinking that kool-aid.

[Admiring] Cara Loren Shop The day has come where my favorite and first-loved blogger released her own line! Not only is Cara Loren extremely gorgeous and kind, she also has a good sense of style. Her new line carries things such as the perfect boyfriend tee, a statement sweatshirt, and the most adorable children’s clothing. 

[Wanting] Spring Fashion I’ve been finding myself trying to incorporate my warmer-weather pieces into my winter routine, but the cold weather has been pushing my limits. Fashion lines are dropping their newest threads and I’m completely on board. I’ve been drawn more to florals and pastels this season – which are things my closet seems to be missing. Give me a great floral mini – like this one from Zara – and you’ve won me over. I’m also looking to incorporate some tone-on-tone looks this season.

[Needing] Spin Class I took the plunge and joined a gym on Sunday. Mainly because I took a few spin classes during my week trial and fell in love. Not only do the classes kick my butt, they also are so energetic and help me let go of the daily stress. 

[Loving] Equality Forget what color dress it is, this is the video you really need to see. “The truth is this…when it all boils down to it, we’re meant to love one another, not judge one another.” Amen.

What are some of your favorite things lately? Are you ready for this winter to be over as well?

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