Weekend Update

Happy Saturday! Usually my weekend posts are about the things I’m looking forward to. However, this week I decided to look back on the things that made my week just a bit better. When I’m stressed out I think it’s super important to always focus on the positive things that are happening – whether they’re big or super small. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the chaotic nature of life but I’ve been spending time each day writing down the ‘peaks’ before I hit the bed.

Here are the things this week that made this week a good one:

  • Rooftop bars are open, ladies and gents!
  • Actually making it to spin class all three days
  • Sunshine for majority of the week
  • Successfully making a (semi) perfect custom pizza at Fuel – pesto, artichokes, goat cheese, red pepper flakes, and arugula *drooling*
  • Found the strappy shoes I’ve been looking for
  • …and the perfect blush top
  • Posted content for ya’ll 6/7 days (this is a big one)
  • Snagged the birthday frappe from Starbucks (gotta keep dat Gold standard someway)
  • Finished Mindy Kalings book, and laughing from the first to last page
  • Knowing that although Zayn left, there’s still four members left in 1D

Hope you all have a great weekend filled with friends, bubbly, and dancing!

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