Light vs. Bright: Topshop Edition

I feel like the decision between keeping things light vs. bright is a daily question in my mind. Ultimately the two sides remind me of my personality. 

One being a sense of having a feminine touch…

  • Fresh flowers and candles are necessary in the apartment at all times
  • I spend more money on lip glosses than groceries
  • If I don’t feel ‘ready’, my day is already ruined
  • Bubble baths + macarons = heaven

….and the other being a fun and lively side…

  • Neon is the new black
  • Margaritas cure all woes
  • Dancing is the best form of exercise
  • If you don’t get sour candies on your fro-yo, you’re doing it wrong

Recently I’ve discovered the phenomenon that is Topshop and I’ve been in love. The stores are based in the UK but have made their way over to the states and people are going crazy for it. Most of their clothing is sold in Nordstrom but there are a few stand-alone stores located in major metropolitan areas. As the closest one to the DMV area is in Springfield, I tend to do all of my shopping online.

With the warmer months coming up the light vs. bright war continues to rage on. Both hues can really set the mood and look great with sun-kissed skin. I’ve pulled my favorite pieces from the site below to rally each side.

Will you be snagging any of the below? Are you team light or bright? How about both? Let me know in the comments!

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