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One of the questions I get asked the most is involving hair products. I’ll admit, I have constantly been trying new products over the past few years to find the perfect combination for my hair. I feel like I went through a phase where I spent tons of money and time testing out new tricks to get volume into my thin hair. Thankfully, after 25 years, I think I’ve finally landed on what works the best for me.
A lot of times I may need to add a product here or there depending on the season and how my hair is reacting. For example, put me in a pool for too long and my hair turns from blonde to an unsightly green tint: cue special shampoo. Or, add some colder months and now I’m a frizz monster with dead ends.

These six products are more of my staples. They keep my hair tamed through the year and have been added into my daily routine for my mane:

Bed Head’s “Dumb Blonde” Shampoo Sassy name, great product. I’ve been a loyal fan of John Freida’s “Sheer Blonde” line for the longest time. Recently my CVS ran out of the version I use (highlight activating for lighter blondes) so I decided to give Bed Head a whirl. I have not been disappointed. Although I don’t color my hair, I still find this line gives me exactly what I’ve been looking for. It smells great, cleans thoroughly, and is gentle for my hair. It also has a purple tint that brings out the blonder streaks in my hair. Although it’s a little pricier than the Freida line, the size of the bottle and its benefits makes up for it.

Bed Head’s “Dumb Blonde” Conditioner I snagged this conditioner at Marshalls once I discovered the shampoo. Not only is the bottle large and long-lasting, it also has a handy-dandy pump that makes application a breeze. I do find that it takes me a little more product to get all the way through my hair and that there are still a few knots left over afterwards. However, I love that this product doesn’t weigh my hair down at all and it always gives me great volume. With a little serum (coming up next) and a great brush (I’ll have to add this in another post) I’ve found that the pros definitely outweigh the cons for this one.

John Freida “Luminous Glaze” This little bottle can either be used as a daily treatment or, as I use it, a weekly hair mask. The formula is lightweight and doesn’t have any color in it. I apply it all over my hair once-a-week for 20 minutes and find that it gives me a great shine once I rinse it out. You do need to use a bit of the product when you apply but I’ve had mine for about a month now and haven’t had to re-purchase. 

Moroccan Oil’s Hair Treatment If you get one thing out of this post it’s to go buy this product now! I snagged this off of Amazon for about $40 but its lasted me for almost two years now. No joke, this stuff is amazing. I usually towel dry my hair then apply the smallest amount of product in my hand. After rubbing my hands together I then pull my hair together, as if I’m making a low ponytail, and apply the oil from the middle of my hair to the ends. The product then has a chance to untangle and smooth out your hair without making your roots greasy. I’m horrible with getting my hair cut more than once a year, so this has been my lifesaver. It helps keep your ends healthy and also adds a great shine to your hair. The only downside is that I usually have to wash my hands after applying but thankfully that’s it. You can also apply it to your dry hair if you feel like you need a little smoothing power – but make sure you don’t over apply.

Not Your Mother’s “Clean Freak” Dry Shampoo Out of all the hair products I have, dry shampoo has to be the one that I use the most. I have tried every dry shampoo in the aisle but this one by NYM has to be my favorite. I use to be the type to wash my hair every single day; sometimes even twice a day. As you’ve probably read in the magazines, all of the washing just dried out my hair and made it even more limp than it was already. I forced myself to slow down on the washing and now I only shampoo about two to three times per week. It did take a while for my hair to finally realize that it didn’t need to be washed, so I completely get the hesitation. Thankfully dry shampoo has become a huge product and is available everywhere! I actually use this on a daily basis (clean hair or not) because it gives my hair texture and leaves it to collect less grease throughout the day. Just a few sprays at my roots allows me to hold onto my volume all day long and skip the shampoo – because second-day hair always has the best look.

Suave’s Extreme Hold Hairspray For some reason this just works for me. I know this hairspray has a lot of bad reviews, but I’ve found that it is the best bang-for-your-buck and keeps my hair in place all day. A huge trick I learned when curling my hair is to spray a piece, let it sit for three seconds, then brush it through. This way your hair keeps the hold without the stickiness. This hairspray can get a little overbearing but does what it says: keeps an extreme hold. If anyone has any suggestions for new spray definitely let me know! I’d love to hear them.

What hair products work best for you? Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

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