Kate Spade Got it Right

If you think of Kate Spade New York as being this sophisticated and feminine person, Kate Spade Saturday is her bubbly and bright younger sister. When the line first opened I was a bit hesitant. However, their new Spring line dropped and not only does it have the same great build and quality of KSNY – it also is totally fun! If you follow them on social media you’ll constantly see motivation to make every day your Saturday. Now this is something I can abide by.

We’re lucky enough to have one of the seven Saturday stores located in Georgetown. So far I’ve snagged a pair of initial earrings (which you’ve probably seen on my Instagram feed) and have slowly been working my way up. Recently I’ve been in dire need of something new to carry my day-to-day necessities to-and-from work. Since I metro everywhere and am constantly taking things out of my pocket for the gates I needed something that could easily hold my things while also being dependable. 

The other day I received an email from Saturday stating that their entire store was 40% off. I started browsing and came across this adorable Zipline card and coin purse and initial keychain. The size of the wallet is perfect if you just want to tote a few things. For me, I throw my Metro card in with my key fob for my work building. The design allows me to carry it in my pocket (I use to have to hold my entire wallet) and the cards scan through the leather so I don’t have to worry about dropping/losing them.

The keychain is adorable – I can’t resist anything initial. I snapped my apartment key fob onto it as well so now I can have everything in one place. Easy peasy. Oh and did I mention? Their 40% off sale is still on. And that includes new arrivals, people.

Saturday has been feeling like a best friend and I’m here to accept it with open arms. Their packaging is also on-point. Who doesn’t want every day to be Saturday?

I’ve pulled some of my favorite things from the sale below so be sure to check them out!

What would you purchase if you could?

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