Top Five Favorites: Week of 1.11.14.

Happy Tuesday readers! Last weekend was the first “normal” weekend in a while (i.e. no extra days off) so I had to remind myself how to get things done without the added “wiggle” room. Thankfully I was able to be semi-productive while also throwing in some time with friends. Now it’s back to the work grind and getting things in check after the holiday hustle.

I wanted to introduce a new weekly post to the blog as a way to capture my favorite things as they happen. I tend to have a sporadic brain and jump from one thing to the next in excitement. I also love to share new finds with friends: anything from articles I find interesting, to Instagram photos that brighten my day, to recipes that I have tried and loved. These entries will be short-and-sweet but really keep things light – think MySpace tops but without all of the drama. Here are the “Top Five Favorites” that have drawn my eye this rainy week:

[Watching] Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler steps straight from Sundays Golden Globe awards back into the small screen tonight. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this premiere to see my favorite characters come back and know this season will be very bittersweet, as it is the last. Me and my roommates have been prepping this past few weeks by watching marathons on Esquire (legitimately was watching as I typed this entry). I don’t anticipate anything less than hysterical moments + lots of featured breakfast foods.

[Hearing] Hozier’s Self-Titled album. Okay, I’ll admit it. When I heard who was performing at the VS Fashion Show Hozier’s name was muddled behind the likes of my girl Taylor + Ed. However, I’ve been recently introduced to his latest album and am a changed woman. His voice goes beyond the tracks on the radio (Take Me to Church) and turns very rocker and soulful. Some of my favorite tracks on repeat have been “Jackie and Wilson“, “Someone New“, and “Work Song“. 

[Reading] 24 Diagrams to Help You Eat Healthier. As it is the season of resolutions this article automatically grabbed my attention and opened my eyes a bit. When people say to “eat healthy” it can be difficult to understand what that means without the benefit of a nutritionist to consult. Thankfully these simple charts lay out things such as what servings really look like, healthy substitutions, and tons of simple recipes. My favorite is the shopping list for one – since sometimes you need a little direction in the supermarket to stray away from the latest Cookie Butter installment

[Envying] Golden Globes fashion. It is officially red carpet season and the GGs started them off right. This year followed on trend with blush tones, sequins, and midriff baring dresses – with a surprise showing of pants. My favorites had to be Chrissy Teigen, Sienna Miller, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Stone. Taylor Swift also took an honorable mention with her after-party ensemble. Missed it? Check out this awesome list of all of the fashion lined up by hue.

[Loving] Sorel + Anthropologie. Winter is officially here, which means slippery and slushy streets. As a person who needs to walk/metro to work daily I’ve always been prone to invest in footwear. Sadly I have found that I’ve outgrown my trusty Hunter boots so I’ve been on the look out for new winter wear. Recently I was browsing Pinterest and landed on these amazing winter boot wedges from Sorel at Anthropologie. Although the price is steep, the boots itself are super fashionable and reliable. These would be the perfect kicks to transition from a working day to a happy hour with friends.

I’d love to hear if you have any great finds that you’d add to your list! 

Here’s to only a few more days until Friday.

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  1. Jordan Nolan
    January 14, 2015 / 2:48 pm

    Ok those boots are adorable. Now I need some! I love golden globe season too… I just get so giddy when stars walk the red carpet. I just want to be everyone's BFF! I also need to get on it and start Parks and Rec. So many good jokes! Thanks for sharing your top 5! JordanpetiteMODERN

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