Product Review: Beautycounter’s ‘Countertime’

When I was approached by Krystle to test out Beautycounter’s new Countertime collection* I didn’t hesitate to oblige. I’m always looking for new ways to take care of my skin – and this company’s philosophy is the thing I was looking for. Beautycounter believes in making products that are not only great to use, but also safe for your skin. By eliminating chemicals and using the right ingredients they truly have found the formula for success. Think of it this way: you watch the foods you place into your body, so why wouldn’t you treat your skin the same way?

The Countertime collection is no different. Not only do the products nourish and hydrate your skin, they also are formulated to effectively fight the signs of aging. It’s kind of crazy to think that you need to worry about aging in your mid-20s, but realistically this is when your skin can take the most damage. By not smoking, eating healthy, and starting a great skincare routine you can do your future self a favor by starting now.

The products I received are the complete line of the collection and all work their own magic.

Uplifting Day Cream This cream’s main benefits are to firm your skin and reduce redness. As you may have read in my Clinique review, redness has always been an issue for me – so I was definitely excited to try this one. The formula is very lightweight and easy to apply. I used it in the morning underneath my primer and had noticed that my skin didn’t feel greasy afterwards, as most moisturizers do. I’d be interested to see how the redness in my face reacted to this as time passed.

Soothing Face Wash One of my favorite things about this wash was that it hydrated my skin while also removing my makeup from the day. I used a little dab in the shower and it was enough to lather my face clean. Bonus: the face wash smells great and I felt great knowing that it contained all natural antioxidants.

Radiance Firming Complex I applied this product at nighttime before adding the Night Cream. With hopes of brightening, firming, and hydrating your skin, this had some of the best reviews out of all of the line’s products. Thankfully I am lucky to have younger-looking skin so I didn’t necessarily get to see all of the benefits. However, it was certainly gentle to my sensitive skin and didn’t irritate as some other products do.

Restorative Night Cream I’ve always found that night products were much more appealing to me. Not only can you apply it on its own (no makeup to layer on top) and that it has the time to soak in always seems to be a great benefit. This cream is set to lock in moisture while you sleep – with 100% of women seeing their skin more hydrated and elastic. Only a little dab of the cream went a long way and definitely made me feel refreshed when I woke. Out of all of the products this was definitely one of my favorites!

Vibrant Eye Perfector This seems to be one of the best sellers on the Countertime site and was my favorite out of the collection. I’m a horrible sleeper when I’m stressed out and always fear that my tiredness shows on my face. This cream counteracted my late nights by reducing puffiness under my eyes and minimized fine lines. Best part is that it has a cooling effect that immediately woke me up in the morning.  This was definitely a product that I’m looking to invest in.

Cleansing Balm This product is a real multi-functional gem. It not only can be used as a makeup primer but also as a makeup remover, overnight hydration mask, psoriasis and eczema spot treatment, and more! Yes, that many benefits. The natural fruit seed oils and vitamin C work together to hydrate the skin and keep your skin healthy during the winter – which is perfect for this dreary time of year. Out of all of the products this one is the most ‘bang for your buck’. It is truly a one-step solution which can eliminate the multi-step routine at nighttime. 

Beautycounter is a line that I’m going to definitely keep my eye on. Have you tried them out yet? If so, what’s your favorite product?

If you’re looking to test these out for yourself please reach out to my rep Krystle! She’s amazing and definitely knows her stuff. Her site can also be accessed here for browsing of new products – including a great red lip!


  1. Ashlyn Nicole Williams
    January 27, 2015 / 10:20 pm

    BeautyCounter products are amazing. I love the rosewater spray & the facial oil.

  2. Sarah Wagner
    January 30, 2015 / 2:26 am

    They really are! I can't wait to try some of their other lines.

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