Thursday, October 29, 2015

Raspberry Lip Hues

As much as I'd like to get on the Kylie Jenner lip situation, her brown hued shades just don't work with my complexion. For me a great lipstick needs a hint of pinky/purple undertones to get on board - and my goodness have I stocked up on them. Raspberry is definitely my autumnal favorite shade for my lips. I like to think of it as pink's older and more mature cousin who tends to come out in the cooler months. The best part is that the coloring tends to work on just about every skin tone.

Today I've pulled together a few of my favorite berry shades. Each product has their own perks and falls into a specific lipstick type - depending on what I'm looking for each day. Two of the shades are a bit more high end, while the other two can be picked up at your nearest drugstore. Add in a fresh face, golden eye, and I'm ready for the day!

Looking for a balm? Try Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in "Smitten" | This is a bit more magenta hued but is easy to apply, buttery, has a great minty flavor (which is super nice in winter), can be layered, and doesn't stick to dry patches

Looking for a creamy lipstick? Try Too Faced La Creme Lip Cream in "Bumbleberry" | I've spoken my praises on this super creamy formula but the smell, smooth application, and moisturizing tendencies puts this right up there with my Dior lipsticks (for much less!)

Looking for a glossy stain? Try Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in "India Intrigue"| This gloss is so pigmented and not sticky. It is also a bit of a thicker formula so it sticks around for a while (and even when it wears off you're left with a nice stain). I also tend to layer this on top of my "Smitten" balm stain (as shown below)

Looking for a great overall lipstick? Try Dior Addict Extreme in "Paparazzi" | This was my first ever high-end lipstick - back before I really knew what makeup was. I literally went into Sephora and asked for a long lasting lipstick and got sent to the Dior counter. The formula is extremely creamy, applies evenly, and just feels so glamorous. I also love how I can apply this without lip liner. Unfortunately I do think they've discontinued this line (or I can't find it anywhere) but Dior recently released their new Addict lipstick which swatches amazingly and gives the healthiest shine and color!

BONUS Fall Shades: "Bahama Mama" and "Carry On" from Essie are two of my favorite winter shades. BM is definitely more of a true-to-hue raspberry, while CO can transform between a deep purple to brown to black. I go through bottles of these each season and love how they look on my nails

What shades do you gravitate to come fall? Have you tested any of these? Let me know in the comments!

L to R Too Faced in Bumbleberry; Revlon in India Intrigue; Dior in Paparazzi; and Revlon in Smitten

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday's Top Picks: 70s Flare Modernized

70s Flare

The 70s has to be my favorite decade when it comes to fashion. Thankfully it's made a comeback this A/W season, and it's been fun to see how everyone is putting a modern twist on this trend. I've always loved flared jeans and think they look great on everyone. Denim flares can look a bit dated but I love these Jamie jeans from Topshop. Paired with a set of heeled booties, it can elongate your legs and look super chic. Tip: look for a bit of a point in your toe!

Bomber jackets (in honor of the classic Saint Laurent look) are a must-have item in my closet this season. I love any version that's silk, and recently picked up this one from Forever 21 (hello Los Angeles wardrobe!). I also am loving this athletic version and this floral one. Speaking of our LA trip, I think this off-the-shoulder striped top would be perfect for the concert and will keep things fun without losing warmth.

Accessory wise, oxblood is the shade of the season and works perfectly with this neutral look. I've had my eyes on the NARS blush in Seduction for a while now. Add in a complementary shade to your nails for a pulled together look.

What trend are you most excited for this season? Be sure to check out some of my favorite picks below!

Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Plan Friendsgiving on a Budget

Let's face it: planning an event on your own can be exhausting and pricey. You find yourself asking questions like "do we really need plates?!" and "Friendsgiving party of one? PERFECT!" and "How did my mom make this look so easy?". I'm not the only one thinking of these things? Great. Thankfully enough you can throw a great event without breaking the bank.

We had our annual Friendsgiving dinner last weekend so I wanted to write up some tips I learned along the way. As this was our second go at it, and our group grows each year, it definitely felt a bit easier with some preparations before the event. When you're setting up a dinner for 13 people, it's a feat in its own:

Enlist friends for help You don't need to do this solo, and frankly, planning is more fun with friends! My best friend Lydia and I organized the event together and it made it so much easier. We were able to collaborate on decorations and split the cost of some of the 'use and throw away' things. We're also a firm user of Google Docs in our friend group. We created one for the menu items and had people place their names next to what they were bringing. This allows for a much easier tracking system of everything that's going to be brought to the table - literally. It also helps you to see what needs to be heated up so you can plan oven time accordingly. Let's sing it now: "were all in this together..."

Reuse things you already have A good portion of our decorations came from things that already belonged to myself and Lydia. The more that you can provide, the less you need to spend on new decorations. I also feel like it adds a personal touch and is more true to your style, since well, it is your style. The pink/orange tassel garland was leftover from my birthday celebrations, the pumpkins for the centerpiece were from Halloween (but some painted gold for a new life), the candles are from my dresser, and the flowers from my coffee table. TIP: buy larger flowers to make a big impression but with less cost. Hydrangeas are my favorite for centerpieces as you only need a stem or two to look great.

Buy last minute This seems counterproductive, doesn't it? However, we snagged things such as the plates, napkins, and Thanksgiving banner less than a week from the event. At this point everything is already on the sale rack so you can save a pretty penny. Granted, your selection may be a bit limited but if you stick with the basics it'll work out!

Pick a theme Themes always make things look more concise and like they weren't all hodgepodged together. For us we went with a classic look of gold and white with pops of orange and pink. Let's call it rustic chic. Decorating becomes a whole lot easier when you stick to a basic color theme and throw in pops of color (you all know I love my pops of color). Be sure to also think outside of the box when decorating. For example, the gold and white backdrop is actually inexpensive wrapping paper - as is the brown paper table cover. It's a simple way to pull things together and to create a fun environment!

Fill up your glass and enjoy! When it all comes down to it, the point of Friendsgiving is just that - being with your friends (and eating until it hurts). By having everyone BYOB it allowed us to share our favorite wines with each other and saved money on making a fancy punch bowls. When it's all said and done no one's going to remember that the plates were encrusted in gold or that you used your finest crystal glasses. For us, we'll always remember when we played stump on a door, were stoop kids, and chugged all of the gravy.

dress (similar) . vest . earrings . tights . boots

Do you have any Friendsgiving plans? If so, what are your reinvented traditions? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

FOTD: Mauve + Coppers

Another day, another look that involves incorporating fall colors into my makeup routine. For me it's shades of mauve and coppers that work best for my complexion. They're usually the shades I gravitate towards and are somewhat of a safety blanket. Add in loads of mascara and tamed brows for a complete (yet simple) fall look...

I've been traveling a lot lately - and missing out on a good amount of sleep - so any products that give my skin some sense of glow is alright with me. My Too Faced Hangover primer has been a staple in my routine and gives that perfect sense of hydration to dry skin. I've also been mixing my NARS 413 BLKR highlighter to my foundation to thin it out a bit, while also giving a slight glow. Speaking of glow: Becca's Champagne Pop is still a daily go-to. For me it's the finishing touch and gives the perfect amount of highlight on my cheekbones to make skin radiant from within. I also pop some in my tear ducts and over my cupids bow to give my face an overall pop.
Anything that's quick and easy to apply on the go is my solution to still looking pulled together. Cream shadows - like this Brownie Points shade from e.l.f. - are highly pigmented and don't require the use of a brush. I've been smudging it all over the lid with my fingers and blending out for some warmth. Maybelline makes a bunch of great mascaras and I've been slowing picking all of them up. Lately I've been using their Falsies Push-Up Drama for heavy lash impact. The mascara is super long-lasting, and leaves me with uber black lashes.

I've been straying away from my normal pink/peach lip into more mauve-focused colors. My MAC liner in Boldly Bare and lipstick in Craving are the ultimate combination. I'm looking forward to introducing deeper/darker shades as the months continue.

Do you have any shades you tend to use in the Fall? Or are you the type who introduces a whole new range each year? Let me know what you've been loving!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Treat Yourself to New Arrivals at J.Crew

J.Crew always seems to have the best investment pieces. Every season I love to see what they come out with. Although they sometimes can be a bit pricey, their styles are always so timeless. One of my favorite things I got a few summers ago were my pair of white denim. They're so easy to mix with and have stood the test of time - even when you go as daring as eating donuts in an all white outfit (see above). Crises averted.

This season I'm loving their feminine dresses, trendy details (bring on all the fringe), and overall tailored quality. Here are some of my favorite pieces for F/W 2015:

Even better: currently J.Crew is offering 25% off full-price styles and an extra 40% off final sale styles with code SALETREAT. Go ahead, treat yo'self. Hurry up though, it's only online and through Monday!

What would you put in your shopping cart?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekly Favorites | 10.19.15.

Who said favorites posts had to be on Monday? Not me. Realistically, I was removed from the internet browsing sphere this weekend so I'm only now caught up. This month has been utterly chaotic, but in the best way possible. I have a feeling that November and December will be major hibernation months for me. Bring on all of the late mornings, cozy evenings by the fire, and lots of snuggly blankets. There's something about the colder months that make it so easy to say no to things and be the laziest person alive. Sign. Me. Up.

I've decided to bring back my old categorized style of my favorites. For me, this is definitely a more concise list (and is easier to breeze through). Think of this as a five-minute mind break from the craziness of your week: you have my permission...

Reading | Girl on the Train I'm about a chapter into this book and am already so in love of the writing style. I've been told great things, so I can't wait to see how this one goes.

Watching | Music Video Releases I feel like a lot of people tend to forget about music videos these days, but honestly they're some of my favorite media. It's always interesting to see your favorite songs put into a visual, and the creative liberties that are taken. My favorites so far: One Direction's Perfect (black and white and beautifully shot); Drake's Hotline Bling (check out those dance moves and that turtleneck!); Ellie Goulding's On My Mind (yasss girl! There's nothing more badass than a gorgeous woman riding a horse through a casino with a shotgun and throwing dolla bills. Yup, I said that correctly); Disclosure ft. Lorde's Magnets (another example of badassery from women); and 5SOS's Hey Everybody! (basically the modern day interpretation of Blank Check)

Eating | Everything Fall I made this skinny pumpkin pie dip for my latest book club and have been scraping the leftovers ever since. So good and you can pretend like it's somewhat healthy for you! I also am looking to try out Karlie Kloss' recipe for apple crumble with my latest from apple picking

Hearing | Jingle Ball Playlist Ever since me and Faith snagged our tickets to LA for the Jingle Ball concert I've been listening to the artists on repeat Cue The Weeknd, 1D, 5SOS, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, and Shawn Mendes (aka all of the feel good songs)

Loving | GMGxBaubleBar + DIY Costumes + Starbucks Tweets Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam has collaborated with Bauble Bar, and it's as perfect as you can imagine. The striped jewelry roll, kiss wall print, and rabbit ears glass display case are my favorite pieces and are on my Christmas wishlist. First though, let's talk about Halloween. Studio DIY has always created the best DIY costumes and this year is no exception. How cute are these popcorn, Lisa Frank, and fries costumes? Lastly, I legit LOL'd while reading these tweets about Starbucks (while also drinking Starbucks).

Wearing | Blanket Scarves Tis' the season to wrap a blanket around yourself and call it an accessory! If you're still stumped on how to tie your scarf, here are four creative (and easy) ways

Lusting | Leather Leggings Move over Sandy, leather leggings are back. This pair from Express are in my shopping cart and I'm still thinking if I can incorporate them into my Halloween costume. I love how thick the material is on these, without being TOO shiny.

BONUS: Looking to invest in some makeup? Check out these great articles from a few of my lovely friends: Ashlyn gives you the low down on all types of concealers and Faith goes over the differences in NARS foundations, and what may work best for you! 

Now, off to enjoy this new taco and champagne emoji that just came in my iOS update...

Birchbox Unboxed | October

This month's Birchbox was all about supporting The Power of Beauty - and how beautiful is this marbled hot pink box? The products inside were obviously just as great. Some months I get samples that I'm pretty indifferent about but this month was a win all around. 

Most of these products gave promises of rehydrating and getting ready for the cooler months, which is just what my skin is looking for! Usually I get uber excited over the beauty products - give me all of the lipsticks and BB creams - but in these cooler transitional months I always find myself investing in skincare. 

BioRepublic Skincare Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Mask Sheet Sheet masks use to be a foreign subject to me, but I've been super into them lately. Yes, you look like a crazed person with them on, but they force you to lay down and relax while the treatment soaks in. I love that this sheet is made from fiber so it's not as slippery as some sheet masks. It also has a super cooling feeling that seems to re-invigorate your skin. I also loved the subtle scent of pomegranate and green tea.

jane iredale HandDrink Hand Cream I currently have been using this cream in a rotation with my cucumber eos hand lotion. I always tend to apply a thicker hand cream prior to jumping into bed in hopes of locking in moisture. Although this cream is lightweight, it is super hydrating and tends to my thirsty skin. I despise any hand cream that is greasy so I'm loving the consistency of this one. The smell is one that I could do without, but I find that I barely notice it after a minute or two.

R+Co DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo I was so excited to see this in my box, since I've heard great things about it (and the packaging is beautiful). I found this to be a mix between a dry shampoo and a texturizing spray. I would apply this to my roots on second day hair and massage it in with my fingers for some serious volume. This doesn't tend to give a lightening effect as some dry shampoos do, and frankly I kind of missed it. As a blonde it's always nice to give a little boost to your roots when they're a bit dirty. I ended up preferring to use a separate dry shampoo on my roots and my Oribe texturizing spray on the ends, but can see how people can love this. If you're looking for straight volume without any color: this is a great product for you.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator Lately I have been using this exfoliator on my skin every other day and I haven't looked back. After washing my face, I apply a dime sized amount on my hands and work it into my skin. The texture is enough to clear off any unwanted makeup and smooth out skin, but it isn't harsh. It deems to be a great product for anyone with redness (!!!) and sensitivity. I also love how it doesn't leave my skin tight - thanks to the aloe vera, coconut, and vitamins B and E added to nourish skin.

Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara I have been on a mascara binge lately, and I don't hate it. When I first picked up this product I of course ogled over the gold packaging (GOLD EVERYTHING!). I was a bit disappointed that the brush was softer bristles since I usually like spiky plastic ones - they tend to grip my lashes better. However, after one coat I realized that the formula is a gamechanger. I love how this gives me super long and thick lashes without being clumpy or stiff. A lot of thickening mascaras tend to leave you scrubbing your lashes off at night, but this kept my lashes super soft. I didn't even need to use a lash curler, and just let the coat dry before reapplying the second. The only downside I can see happening is the wand getting a bit clumpy, but it's nothing a wipe-off can't fix.

Most loved product: The Vasanti face rejuvenator is one I can see keeping in my daily routine. I plan on buying the full-sized version when my sample runs out, and can't wait to use it through the winter months.
Most disappointing product: Maybe I overhyped myself on this one but unfortunately the R+Co Dry Shampoo just didn't do it for me. At a $29 price point, it's probably a good thing...

Have you tested any of these? If not, do you think you will now? Please share if you received any other loved samples in your boxes!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Shades of Autumn: Beauty Favorites

My makeup lately has been all about the autumn hues. I've been loving a reddish-brown eye, glowy skin, full lashes, and a orange-red lip. For those with light eyes, this eye combo from MAC is a gem. It boosts the blues and gives off that perfect Fall vibe. I've also been trying to rock Heat Wave by NARS forever now, but am finally feeling like it's the perfect accent without throwing off my complexion. See some of my other favorites below:

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe
Maybelline The Falsies Push-Up Drama Mascara in Blackest Black
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in True Ivory
NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave
NARS Blush in Orgasm
MAC Eyeshadow in Coppering and Brown Script
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

What fall makeup look have you been loving lately? Share your favorites below! I'm always looking to add to my collection.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NYC Beauty Haul: MAC, NARS, + Maybelline

New York City is one of those places for me that I just love. The bright lights, overall energy, and hustle/bustle of it all is just one of the most refreshing things. Now don't get me wrong: give me a week of it and boy am I exhausted! That's why it's the perfect weekend getaway.

Two weekends ago, myself and Faith headed into the big apple for a weekend of shopping, dining, and birthday celebrations. Set two beauty lovers free in the city and they'll come back with a major haul! (P.S. you all would die at the amount of makeup the two of us tend to always bring. Combined together, it's basically an entire Sephora store on one counter...). While the weather was extremely rainy and gross (thanks Joaquin) the makeup stores were nice and cozy. Albeit, the perfect excuse to hide away and try out some new products.

First we stopped at the MAC store downtown. Somehow I've made it through this beauty journey thus far and have yet to own any MAC products; shudder. I picked up my first MAC lipstick in Craving - which is an Amplified shade. This color is described as a “burst of plum” and it has an amplified creme finish. I definitely need to apply it with liner, but it's a great fall color. I also snagged the ever-popular lip liner shade in Boldly Bare - a perfect nude/pink color. Lastly - and probably my favorite find - were these two shades from the eyeshadow collection. How I only grabbed two, I'm not sure, but I'm sure I will be back for one of those MEGA palettes. The colors I picked up are Coppering and Brown Script. They are the perfect combination for that effortless fall eye look. I love that they are a bit reddish, but aren't too overbaring. I usually swipe Coppering all over the lid and then use the matte Brown Script in the crease.

Next, we hopped over (aka walked in the pouring rain hoping our umbrellas didn't blow over, while attempting to not get hit by cabs while taking photos in the middle of the street) to the NARS boutique store on Bleecker Street. The store itself was so clean and gorgeous, and I loved how quiet it was - unlike most times I head to Sephora. While there I snagged the exclusive illuminator in the BLKR line. This is the most beautiful golden highlighter and it has such a creamy consistency. I've been mixing it in with my foundation for a great glow, and it also allows you to apply less foundation for a win/win all around! I also picked up my favorite Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (which seems to be my true fall/winter shade).

A bonus treat was when I sampled Faith's The Falsies Push-Up Drama mascara by Maybelline. Anything Gigi wears is good by me. Technically this isn't a NYC exclusive product, but we did go into several stores looking for it. This mascara gives great volume while thickening the look of your lashes. If you're on the fence of spider lashes, but wanna give it a whirl, this is a great compromise. I've been layering it with several coats when I want a bold night out look.

These pieces have made their way into my daily makeup bag, and I don't see them going anywhere for a while. Have you tested any of these yet? What would you pick up if you had the chance?

(L to R) MAC Smitten | MAC Boldy Bare | NARS BLKR 413 Illuminator (Sorry for the sleep wrinkles)

Weekly Favorites: Week of 10.11.15.

Three day weekends totally throw me for a loop. Is it Tuesday, really? However I can't complain about that one. This past weekend finally felt like the first kickoff of Autumn. Cue the hot cider, sweater weather, and Halloween movie marathons. I also had some time to do some fall cleaning and lots of blog prep - which always is a refreshing feeling. Sometimes you don't even realize how much adds onto your list until you start crossing things off.

I have a few fun events this week and a trip to Harrisburg planned for the weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather so we can enjoy all of the Fall activities! If all goes to plan, beer tasting, apple picking, football watching, and fireside sits are in the works. Be sure to follow along via Instagram for snaps of the weekend!

Here are some of the other things catching my eye lately...

  • Did you catch Jaclyn Hill's sneak peeks of the Becca holiday palette? OMG, heaven
  • It's apparently National No Bra Day - a fake holiday I think everyone can get behind
  • Chrissy Teigen + John Legend are expecting! This will officially be the prettiest baby ever
  • This wooden box hanging DIY planter tutorial is perfect for sprucing up an outdoor space - or adding some greenery inside!
  • Having a bit of a palette crisis? Read this before splurging (see my first point above)
  • I'm a HUGE fan of Narcos on Netflix and am interested on this read of the show's authenticity. Are you watching as well?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

LORAC Unzipped Gold Review

You guys: I've found my perfect bronzed palette. While I was home in NJ I stumbled across this at my local Kohls while looking for a new makeup case. Yes, Kohls carries makeup now. It only took me one swatch of the bronzed shadow in the LORAC Unzipped Gold palette to absolutely fall in love. Somehow I convinced myself that I 'didn't need it' (who does that?) but ended up going back to the store upon opening the next day to pick it up. 

I've looked into the LORAC Pro palettes before, but have never seen the Unzipped collection in person. The Gold version carries ten matte and shimmer shades that can work together solo or combined together:

Top Row:
- Undressed (matte) | light yellow beige
- Uninhibited (shimmer) | warm golden beige
- Unpredictable (shimmer) | brightened peachy-coral
- Undeniable (matte) | Favorite; muted medium brown
- Unedited (matte) | dark warm brown

Bottom Row:
- Unlocked (shimmer) | brightened white gold
- Unlimited (shimmer) | light-medium yellow gold
- Unleashed (shimmer) | Favorite; deep copper
- Unwind (matte) | medium taupe-brown
- Unafraid (shimmer) | deep warm brown

The colors are so pigmented and can be used wet or dry. I tend to use the shimmery shades with a dampened brush, but stick to a dry brush for the matte colors (as they can ruin the palette). The only downside I notice is that the shimmery shades tend to have a bit of fall-out. When using shades like Unleashed or Unafraid, I tend to cover my undereye with my hand - or do my eye makeup first before the rest of my face. 

All together, this is an amazing find for $40 and I'm so happy I picked it up! LORAC also has an original version of this palette that's more pinky toned. It looks like a great substitute if you're looking to save on something like the Urban Decay Naked 3 (you can see that reviewed here for comparison - throwback, whoa!).

Have you tried out this palette? If so, what's your favorite combination? Mine is Undeniable on the lid, Unafraid in the crease, and Unleashed layered all over on top.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tuesday's Top Picks: Capsule Wardrobe

The idea of creating a capsule wardrobe is new to me, but oh so exciting. For those who haven't heard of the concept: a capsule wardrobe is basically a much more simplified wardrobe filled with pieces you love and invest in. It's all about spending more time enjoying your life - instead of it staring at your closet trying to figure out what to wear. Here are the five steps laid out by Capsule Wardrobe queen herself Un-Fancy:

I am a self-admitted closet hoarder. Somehow I have filled up my entire walk-in closet and three dressers; yet, there are so many days where I have that whole "I have nothing to wear" thing. I think the most difficult part is that I'm just overwhelmed with pieces. I am the type of person to snag a $10 t-shirt from Forever 21 and then keep it around while it falls apart because "I may need it someday". However, the pieces that I have invested in are the ones that I truly love wearing and seem to keep picking up. They also seem to mix so flawlessly with other pieces and last the longest. 

Although I do think that paring down my entire wardrobe in one weekend is a bit crazy, I have started creating a list of the essential capsule-type items I really want to invest in. Most of them are basics (accessories and such are not included so those are fun to mix and match with!) but are things that I've overlooked in the past. I have 41 pieces in total - which can be added to/swapped out between seasons. The best part is that some of the pieces are already owned so it's all about simplifying: 

White t-shirt | just got this one in white (and in black)
Black t-shirt
Cream oversized sweater - here's the one I currently own
Black oversized sweater 
Black and white striped shirt
Classic white button up
Long cardigan
Plaid boyfriend shirt
Slouchy sweater
Black leather jacket
Tan suede jacket
Turtleneck (go for the cashmere)
Dressy dress
Boho dress
Boho top
Lace bralette
Chambray shirt
Black graphic tee

Ripped black jeans | the Joni Jeans are my favorites
Black leggings
Black tights | I have a ton of these pairs from Simply Vera Vera Wang
Classic jeans
Suede skirt
Boyfriend jeans
Dark flare jeans
Black chelsea boots
Tan booties | these from Nordstrom are my favorites!
Tall brown boots
Black over the knee boots
Rain/snow boots
Tan flats

Black work tote
Black everyday purse
Printed clutch
Tan bucket bag
Basic watch
Tan felt hat | just picked up this one from Free People 
Baseball hat | I have this one in graphite and love it (here's a photo for reference)
Black felt hat
For this upcoming Fall/Winter season I'm forcing myself to only purchase things on the list above - and things that are a certain quality. It's investment over hoarding, people. I also plan on doing a major closet clean out this weekend and getting rid of anything that has been unworn in the past year, doesn't fit properly, or just doesn't necessarily fit into my current style. Aka friends: you can do some closet shopping!

How do you feel about a capsule wardrobe? Would you do a major overhaul at once or limit things piece-by-piece? I'll be sure to keep you updated as I take this project on!

P.S. The photo above is our best attempt at an #OOTD in NYC. You can't tell, but it is absolutely pouring out so my rain-soaked self is not chic at all. Ya win some, ya lose some...

Weekend Update

At the end of a whirlwind week I finally made it to New York. We spent the weekend popping around the city, checking out all of the shops, pulling out our best quintessential all-black outfits, and attempting to stay dry and warm. Where did the mild days of Fall go to? I can't wait to share some peeks of the weekend throughout the week, but here are some of my new favorite NYC stops...

- Joe's Pizza, Pizza (East Village) | Must Try: Cheese Pizza Slice
- Happy Bones, Coffee (SoHo) | Must Try: Cappucino
- The Tippler, Cocktails (Chelsea Market) | Must Try: an Old-Fashioned
- Socarrat, Paella (Chelsea) | Must Try: Red Sangria, the Gambas al ajillo, and the Arroz Negro
- Jack's Wife Freda, Breakfast (SoHo) | Must Try: Cantaloupe Mimosa, anything with Haloumi, and the Mint Tea
- The Back Room, Cocktails (Lower East Side) | Must Try: Any cocktail (it comes in a tea cup) or a beer (it comes in a paper bag)
- Bagel Cafe, Bagels (Gramercy Park) | Must Try: Specialty Cream Cheese and French Vanilla Iced Coffee

- NARS Bleecker Street
- Topshop
- Space NK
- Saint Laurent
- Prada

This week thankfully is a bit calmer so I plan on using it to catch up on sleep and household things. There's a few busy weekends (surprise surprise) coming my way, so any downtime is going to be capitalized on. Fingers crossed for a movie marathon on ABC family.

Have you tried any of these spots? What's your favorite NYC stop?

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