Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

one. Studded Frame from Shopbop (Add in a pretty print; these are two of my favorites)
two. Kate Spade Spring Blooms iPhone case
three. Fresh flowers (Buy her favorite kind! Here are some pretty wrapping techniques)
four. NARS Ithaque nail polish 
five. Kate Spade Photo Album (Put in your favorite photos of you two together)
six. Williams-Sonoma Brass Pineapple Wine Pull (Add a bottle of her favorite wine - or yours to share)
seven.  Equipment Silk pajamas 
eight. Kendra Scott 'Rae' Long Pendant (This color is great!)
nine. Comfy Flats from Sole Society
ten. Crate & Barrel Wine Caddy
eleven. Kate Spade Crystal Pearl Stud Earrings
twelve. Tom Ford Matte Lipstick

The biggest question is what do you get the woman who has/does everything? My favorite Mother's Day gifts include a personal touch with something they love - and wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. Kate Spade always seems to be a great avenue to go (if you haven't noticed that majority of my items are from there). Some other great ideas include a mani/pedi session, subscription service (think Birchbox for the make-up lover or Blue Apron for the chef), an Instagram table book of experiences you've had together (Chatbooks has some great ones for only $6!), or just simple flowers and grabbing breakfast together.

One year me and my sister bought a frame for my mom with white space around the outside. We then wrote the words to a poem about mothers on the space and filled the frame with a photo of us. Although the photo is from those awkward middle school years, it still sits on our mom's bookshelf and is one of her favorite gifts. *maybe we need to replace that photo...*

The most important thing is to show that woman in your life that you care. With living away from home, it can be difficult to spend the exact day with your mom (Sunday, May 10th as a reminder) so I plan on celebrating when I go home this weekend.

Do you have any great gift ideas? I'd love to hear them!

Fruity Flavors with a Spritz

Some days when I need a bit of inspiration I turn to Pinterest. However, it always seems like I have a collection of "recipes/crafts I really wanna try but never actually do so". You know the feeling, right?

One weekend I stumbled upon this cheerful photo from Oh Joy! and was immediately attracted. If you don't know Joy Cho you should find out. Not only is she an adorable mother of two, her lines are featured in Target stores, and she recently released her second book. I felt that this simple fizzy drink was easy enough to mimic yet still be a fun treat!

Monday, April 27, 2015

23 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier

Lately I've felt a bit burnt-out and lacking energy to do the things that are the most creative to me - including this blog. Most of it is due to the whole job transition, lack of vacation, and living in the busy-ness of a city day-in-and-day-out. Sometimes I forget about how much I miss the fresh air and space in my brain that the country gives me.

Thankfully this weekend I was able to step out and spend the weekend at a friend's in North Carolina. This 48-hours or so of escape was honestly the perfect refresher to my sanity.

Sometimes jumping in the car and leaving isn't quite so easy. When my schedule is a bit busier I try to spend at least a few moments each day, or on my Sundays, finding balance and reminding myself that not everything needs to be so chaotic. Here are some simple - and some of my favorite - things I like to do to refresh:

  • Read a good book with a cup of coffee (or a glass of vino)
  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood
  • Listen to an artist you use to love, but haven't listened to in a hot minute
  • Write down a list of five simple things you're thankful for
  • Call a friend who you haven't spoken to in a while (texting doesn't count!)
  • Buy a new nail polish shade and give yourself an at-home mani
  • Sit in the fresh air for a little while
  • Take a bath with your favorite products
  • Do some light cleaning
  • Light your favorite candle
  • Laugh (Aziz Ansari released a new comedy special on Netflix + it's a gem)
  • Buy fresh flowers that make your space smell great
  • Take a nap with the windows opened
  • Try making a recipe that reminds you of home
  • Write a card to someone you haven't seen in a while
  • Disconnect from social media for a day
  • Go for an aimless drive and blast music
  • Buy something small you've been putting off (for me, this is a $5 camera clip on for my phone)
  • Try a new coffee shop (or go to your favorite spot)
  • Eat ice cream (and don't care about serving sizes)
  • Dance in your socks
  • Take a positive look on something negative
  • Change your alarm to something that makes you smile
What are some simple things you do to make sure your week is a good one? I'd love to hear!

I'm heading home next weekend so I'm excited to continue these good habits. Have a great week y'all!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beauty: April Favorites

April always seems to be an awkward transition month. One day it's Spring-like, the next you're pulling out your winter coat to beat the chill. My make-up seemed to follow trend between creating a bit of contrast to my pale skin and also adding a pop of color in for the new season.

My favorites carry through some of my 'oldies but goodies' with a few new snags along the way...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lace + Denim

The fresh Spring air rolling in always makes me crave fresh fabrics and colors. I snagged this skirt from Forever 21 a year or so ago and have found myself wearing it all throughout the warmer months. It is extremely light-weight and has a dainty/girly feel to it. I've paired it with basic tees before but am loving this combo with the more-constructed feel of the chambray shirt.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Favorites: Week of 4.19.15

This weekend was definitely one of my top ones so far. The weather was perfect - if you couldn't tell by the numerous photos of sunnies below. This time of year is always great to me since it's the perfect blend of sunshine without all of the humidity:

(L to R) 1. last-day outfitted with my neon eyelet skit from Loft (which still has 40% off!) // 2. donuts from Astro Donuts were the perfect way to start off my last day // 3. drinks with Meg - who also had her last day with me // 4. sunny mojitos at Toro Toro // 5. enjoying the nice weather + some rose at a local winery // 6. Paradise Springs winery // 7. sale time at Kate Spade // 8. my new sunnies - a great snag from J.Crew Factory for only $8! // 9. Sunday shopping finds

On a personal note - and you've probably noticed in my weekend update - but yesterday I started a new job with a marketing agency in DC. It was definitely hard to leave LivingSocial - where I worked with some of my best friends for 2+ years - but the change is a welcome one! With that, content has been a bit difficult to produce but I swear I'll be regularly posting again (in-between marathoning on PLL). I've also been trying to shoot manually on my camera (all thanks to some helpful tips from Faith) so I can't wait to share these great shots with you.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to taking things easy this week and get myself into a solid routine. Sometimes that's easiest to do when everything is changing!

What was your favorite part of the weekend? I hope it was a good one for you all!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Currently Craving: 4.16.15

Currently Craving: 4.16.15

These warmer Spring days are already making me swoon over Summer trends. These five trends are those I'm definitely keeping my eye, and shopping bag, ready for:

White Boyfriend Tee - I always find myself searching for the perfect white tee come summer. Paired with boyfriend jeans and sneakers, it's a breezy way to get through your day. This one is only $12 from Target; Similar V-Neck; Similar Scoop-Neck

Bright Strappy Bag - I'm loving the citrus colors that are big this summer and this yellow bag is the perfect pop of color to your outfit. This orange one is also a steal for $65.

Flowy Maxi Dress - If I could wear a maxi every day, I would. There's just something so easy and timeless as the floor-length dress and this mint color is gorgeous. Bonus: it's less than $30! I'm also loving this floral dress for a more casual wedding; this boho number; and this high-low version

 White Slip-Ons - After walking across the city to see the cherry blossoms last weekend I realized I need comfy shoes stat! Thankfully sneakers are trending this summer and this white pair from Vans has my eye. I grew Vans all the time growing up, so it's always funny how things return. Also loving this silver pair and black (for the less daring)

Glossy Pink Lips - I started watching Pretty Little Liars last night and the first thing that happened was I had major lip envy. The girls always tend to have a perfect pink pout - with gloss applied constantly. The PLL make-up artist swears by this shade in Poppy for Aria and this in Wopping Watermelon for Hannah - but this dupe from Tom Ford + gloss from Charlotte Tilbury are pretty dang close

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Glow: Product Reviews

With Spring's arrival comes bare legs, lighter fabrics, and - if you're like me - an "OMG! How did I get so pale?" moment. Thankfully one of this season's biggest beauty trends involve a bronzed and glowing face. This has been one of my all-time favorite make-up looks and looks best on my light complexion.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Favorites: Week of 4.12.15.

Happy Monday, all! Sorry for the quietness over here lately. I'm excited to say that I'm currently in the process of transitioning between jobs (more to come!) but it has definitely taken up my time. I start in my new position next Monday so I'll be able to spend more time ensuring regular content is posted on here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

25% off Shopbop! | My Picks

One of my favorite online stores Shopbop is currently offering 25% off of their entire site. As a site that curates all pieces with a chic, modern woman in mind, Shopbop is an easy go-to for finding the best designer pieces. They also offer free three-day shopping on all items and free returns. Slam-freaking-dunk.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Lately I've been craving all things light and airy. When I saw this moto jacket from Forever 21, I knew I had to have it. The best part? The price tag is under $25. Unfortunately they sold out of the blush color I wanted but mint is a hue I've been keeping my eye on for a while. The jacket is the perfect structured piece to layer over on those cooler Spring nights. The silver accents are also great for adding a little bit of shine.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Favorites: Week of 4.5.14.

This weekend I finally got the chance to leave the city for a bit and headed to my sister's for Easter. We had a house full of family and lots of amazing food (lets just say it should be a strict salad and water diet this week.) It was super nice to get away and clear my mind from everything crazy that's been going around. Sometimes I can forget to take a step back and hit 'reset'. That's when family always comes through with drunken Easter egg hunts, Taboo, and the craziness of two puppies running around. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Easter Eve all! I'm currently in PA with my family but wanted to share a little week recap with you. It's been a busy, and exciting one, for me. Lots of change is happening and I'm excited to share with you soon!

Here are the things that made this week just a bit brighter:

  • Celebrating three months of the blog (!!!)...
  • ...two years at LivingSocial shared with my BFF and photographer Lydia...
  • ...and the one year birthday of my puppy nephew Cooper
  • Finally snagged the new Kate Spade coffee book at Loulou
  • Made amazing chicken tacos (check the recipe here!)
  • Found the magic that are called Party Peeps
  • Hit my step goal 5/6 days
  • Navigated the Greyhound bus system like a champ
  • Treated myself to a manicure - complete with a glass of champagne...
  • ...and finally got to use my bunny-shaped Lush bath bomb (adorably shown above)

What were the little things that made your week better? Love to hear about it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beauty with Kate

Today I'm talking about one of my favorite lipstick brands: the Kate Moss line from Rimmel. Not only is this lip product fairly inexpensive, it also is one of my favorite products that I go to. We all know Kate for her iconic style but she made an unexpected launch into make-up. These shades are extremely versatile and the brand promises 8-hour wear. Although I've found the color to leave a tint for 8 hours, the creamy texture itself fades much sooner.

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