Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Favorites: Week of 2.22.15.

Usually my Weekly Favorites fall on Mondays but this week has been a hectic one so far! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was spent in a cabin at Deep Creek Lake, MD with 11 of my friends. The cabin itself was awesome (hot tub included) and we got about 6-12 inches while we were there - perfect weather for snowboarding! We got to spend the day on the slopes on Saturday and capped it off with Irish coffee. 

It was so nice to get out of the city for a few days and spend some time in the quietness. I could actually see the stars and hear nothing (which is very much missed). The area around where we stayed was gorgeous so of course I had to snag some shots with my camera.

We were sad to go but I'm looking forward to a productive week and weekend. Here are my favorite things going on this week:

[Hearing] Mat Kearney + "Not For Long" Mat has always been one of my favorite artists so I was so excited to hear he was dropping a new album. My favorites include "Moving On", "Billion", and "Let it Rain". For some midday inspiration tune into minute 3:23 in "Heartbreak Dreamer". Shake the dust. "Not For Long" by Trey Songz and B.o.B. is another song that's been on repeat for me. I usually plug into this to start off my day and then repeat it towards the end. It always gets me in a good mood! You can snag both of them from Spotify (and follow me at for some more of my favorites).

[Loving] Natural Makeup from the Oscars Did ya'll get a chance to catch the show? Since it is 3.5 hours, and I am an old lady, I saw half of it on Sunday's telecast and then caught up with the second half last night. Personally I think NPH did awesome and the speeches were so moving (yes, tears were shed). Although the fashion was impeccable - as always - my eyes were drawn to the natural and glowy makeup trends. Think Chloe Grace MoretzAnna KendrickDakota JohnsonReese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Lopez. I'm also obsessed with Margo Robbie's orange-red lip and newly-cut LOB.

[Envying] Piperlime's Sale Let's just say all sale items are an extra 30% off and all final sale items are an extra 50% off. Run, don't walk.

[Needing] Meditation + Relaxation With a busy week ahead + attempting to get into a workout routine I find that it's extremely difficult to unwind after the long days. I usually find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed or Bloglovin' app until the wee hours of night and wake up exhausted. To combat this, I've been trying to add in a few minutes of quiet moments each night. Whether it's applying a face mask in a hot bath, reading one of my favorite books, or attempting a few minutes of meditation, these simple tasks leave my mind more clear and relaxed: resulting in heavier sleep and more dreams about Niall Horan. (yes, these are real and amazing)

[Watching] Happy Endings  If you haven't ever seen this show, check it out NOW. It's seriously hysterical and one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I've been catching it on Youtube (surprisingly) and anywhere else I can grab it. These are like the six best friends you've always wanted in life. Need more motivation? Check out this article on the best moments and tell me it doesn't reflect your life.

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