Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bye Diet Coke, Hello Juice!

Ladies and gentlemen it's Lent season. For some of you this means 40 days of no social media; maybe no beer; or even no sweets. Every year I try to think of something new (and feasible) to give up for the month-plus timeframe. This year I chose to give up one of my favorite indulgences: soda. Diet coke, to be exact. Although I love the bubbly taste and midday refreshment, I know there is a litany of reasons why you should keep them out of your diet.

To supplement the cravings I've been trying to substitute the drinks with healthier options. One of my favorite options is a cold-pressed juice. I found myself thinking: what the heck is a cold pressed juice? And why is it so much better than regular juice? It turns out that placing fruits through this specific type of juicer allows it to retain all of its nutrients. The small jars are packed with whole ingredients that can instantly give you a nutrient impact. Plus: the hidden veggies can allow for clearer skin and brighter eyes. Win win, if you ask me.

DC is packed with up-and-coming juice bars littered throughout the area. I'm already a huge fan of 'South Block Juice Co.' in my Arlington neighborhood but wanted to try out something new. I've been eyeing 'Jrink Juicery' from their Instagram feed and decided to take a trek to their Dupont location last week. Their space is gorgeous and instantly brightens you up just by walking in. I grabbed the original 'Pick Me Up' (a beet, carrot, orange, and apple blend) and a 'Fuel Me Up' (a pear, kale, cucumber, romaine, and lemon blend). Side note: if you can't tell, the juices are sold in these glass bottles which I'm in love with! I've actually saved both of them and re-fill them with my morning smoothie or place some fresh flowers in them. 

I was a big fan of the green 'Fuel' and sipped it after my spin class. It made me feel refreshed and gave me a second wind. I also loved the fact that it contained a HUGE amount of veggies - since heaven knows, I wasn't going to eat them. 

I'll be honest: I chose the 'Pick Me Up' because of its color and hoped it tasted as pretty as it looked. Unfortunately I should've known that I don't like beets and the entirety of the juice tasted of them. However, I ended up having my friend finish it and she loved it! Forewarning - it may turn your pee pink. Don't panic.

Overall the juices are a great option to cure my Diet Coke craving and I look forward to picking up more! I have my eye on the 'Wake Me Up' and 'Buzz Me Up' flavors since they seem to be more up my alley.

Did you give up anything for Lent? If so, how are you faring in day two? Let me know!

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